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Zyris Zakk Wylde PRE Ozzy RARE Mid 1980’s glam hair metal LIVE

This was at Zakk’s hometown high school auditorium, This video is Zakk Wylde before he was in Ozzy Osbourne’s band. In song #2 you can see him playing with …
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7 Responses to “Zyris Zakk Wylde PRE Ozzy RARE Mid 1980’s glam hair metal LIVE”

  1. Joe S says:

    Holy crap, anywhere you stop and play in this vid it sounds like the exact
    same song!!

  2. stephanie mcmahon says:

    I love finding old vids… sexy as ever .. Z

  3. Vaughan Lucas says:

    Amazing, thanks for that info.

  4. sjdrummerboy says:

    Johnny Iacoves lead vocals and Andy Marcus on drums RIP so they joined
    forces with Dave Linsk guitar OVERKILL, Don “FINN” Feinmore bass guitar,,
    Dave was friends with Zakk Wylde and we all went to his house before the
    gig to chill out and get dressed, Zakk came to our first gig that night he
    really dug it, and when things broke off with Dave Linsk. Zakk called and
    wanted an audition, of course he got the gig it was about
    1985…………………. zyrisonline. net/band .htm

  5. Denis Petrov says:

    Amazing to see this! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Rich Mars says:

    This was at his hometown high school auditorium, I was there.

  7. Vaughan Lucas says:

    Was the rest of Zyris not happy when Zakk left to go to Ozzy? Zakk told me
    (about 9 years ago) there was tension.


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