Wired – Discharge (Japanese Hair Metal)

Wired Discharge CD JAPANESE INDIE GLAM a la DOKKEN Lillian Axe etc

Preview of one of the most sought after indie hair metal/glam debut CDs from the once thriving Japanese glam scene. While many Japanese bands failed to deliver on the music front (they had the look, but rarely the sound), Wired was a rare exception. A superb singer, and killer guitar work, strong production, makes this CD a prized gem in the collections of the few who actually can claim to owning one.



  1. Total killer stuff, how i can get my hands on this record

  2. would of been one of the better acts on hey hey 😉

  3. Any lads interested in forming a 80’s Metal Tribute? I can crank out some
    good shit on the axe.

  4. Ah memories of Bondi Astra 1983 and seen them plenty more times this was
    the best line up.Other class OZ bands back then Boss,Heaven both before
    they became commercial pussy,s,Badge,Saracen,Phantom,Cottage,Mick
    Cheong,Rob Rileys Beast.

  5. Respond to this video… n

  6. Loved the only gig I ever saw them do, at the Corner Hotel. Always reminded
    me of Judas Priest meeting up with AC/DC.

  7. God, this takes me back. Anyone have the clip for “Cheat on You” it was
    filmed at the Prince of Wales hotel in St Kilda.

  8. !!! Finally !!!! The legend lives…and the legacy continues! Where have u
    been Mr Heald?!? We’re craving for more vids from the Bengals! Please tell
    me someone taped the Moomba show!!

  9. @Frankybags they are playing @ richmond tavern on the 11th of december this

  10. Awesome! Never even knew this existed! Still hangin’ out for some live
    footage. I got an audio bootleg from a Central Club show, would love to see
    Video! Also, someone must have the ‘cheat on’ clip..?

  11. Anyone know if these lads are playing in Melbourne???

  12. haha cool…. I auditioned with these guys along with about 200 other
    drummers in the mid 90s.

  13. Use to play all Tigers ep in a band in Newcastle years ago. Too old now
    (48) but if it happens….post it and i’ll be there.

  14. I remember slamm’n some chick in my HX Ute with this gem playing in the
    background under the Westgate Bridge.

  15. I’m keen….nearly 50 …lets do it….lmao

  16. Steve plays in around Rye and Rosebuds

  17. this is one of the funniest things i’ve seen for a while. is that a dog
    bark @ 30 and 1:00? Love the yellow kit 🙂

  18. @jmsbnd20032003 Are you fucking kidding???!!!!!

  19. remember them playing barwon heads hall also many times in melbourne great

  20. Still have the EP on vinyl….one of the prized….

  21. Mick’s just the most exciting drummer on earth isn’t he!! (sarcasm incase
    you couldn’t tell), Barney is just plain funny, Gordon and Steve are 2 of
    the coolest guys around, aaaahhh those were the days

  22. bengal tigers metal reserection 11/12/2010 @ richmond tav at 8pm

  23. @Andybaby True…although the venue is Central Club Richmond. should be a
    great gig with Ion Drive

  24. Hey anyone remember a chick called Roxy?..man she was hot back in the
    day….she made Pammy Anderson look like a training bra….ah those were
    the days!!!

  25. I just cranked this gem up on the stereo. I think I pissed a few people
    off! Ha ha

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