Winter Rose – s/t (Full Album)

Winter Rose (with Dream Theater’s singer James Labrie, Full Album 1989, Glam-Hard Rock)

Winter Rose was a Canadian glam metal band who were active in the 1980s. They released a self-titled album in 1989, which was re-released ten years later by InsideOut Music. It was their only album.

The band used to be called Sebastian and before that, Hope. As those names, future Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was their singer. A demo of the song “Saved by Love” is what prompted Skid Row to hire him.

They are best remembered as the band that James LaBrie fronted before joining Dream Theater. However, their guitarist Richard Chycki has gone on to become a studio engineer at Metalworks Studios, and has worked on many projects for Rush with Alex Lifeson, including mixing the audio portions of (among others) the Juno award-winning Rush in Rio DVD. More recently he engineered Dream Theater’s twelfth album Dream Theater

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