Wildside – Hang On Lucy

This video was filmed on location in Hollywood over several nights. They had to blocked off Hollywood Blvd. for a few hours to film the chase scenes.

Wildside played the clubs of Hollywood from 1988 thru 1990 when they were signed to Capitol Records under the charge of Hale Milgram. Slated to be “the next big thing” by the label, they immediately began recording their album. The band chose Van Halen Producer, Andy Johns to create their record. Recorded at Eddie Van Halen’s home studio, Wildside was historically the first outsiders to use the famed “5150” recording studio. After a 1992 release of “Under The Influence“, and 2 years of solid touring, music was making a big change and Wildside was caught in the middle of it. Capitol Records was making changes to their lineup and both the label and the band agreed it was time to part. In 1994 a second album would be released under an independent label without Guitarist, Woods. Woods went on to join the Vince Neil project.

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