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When Metal Ruled The World (80’s LA Sunset Strip Story)

The story of the 80’s Sunset Strip glam metal bands’ rise and fall. Told by the band members themselves.

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25 Responses to “When Metal Ruled The World (80’s LA Sunset Strip Story)”

  1. Erin Walsh says:

    Nirvana was the shift music needed! all the songs we loved back in the day
    are still relevant, I think we appreciate them more! The 90’s was
    sooooooooo depressing!!!!

  2. Pedro DuhHusky says:

    If this garbage never existed, there would be no blood on the dance floor,
    thanks hair bands, your contribution to music was great.
    this was the era when bullying was cool, homophobia and sexism were “rock n
    roll” and actually thinking critically made you a loser. *everyone* who
    followed this scene were blind sheep. and that has returned with the Core
    era, again thanks to hair metal.

  3. Matthew Wal says:

    Motley, Ratt, GNR, Dokken were the bands I liked. Towards the end of the
    80’s, nothing but copycats. 

  4. ohorok2 says:

    this is not metal, this is gay show

  5. adamcrookedsmile says:

    “metal”, I don’t think about this music when I hear the word “metal”. Metal
    bands in my world are like 80s Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura, Disturbed and
    Slayer. In my world this music is hard rock, pretty much the same genre as

  6. LILbaNkz1990 says:

    Since when did Rikki Rachman become “we and us” last time I checked he want
    in a band, he was a host of a TV show

  7. Judezki92 says:

    Which song starts to play at 24:27 ??

  8. pilotamurorei says:

    Uh the Whisky wasnt the only club on the strip you fuckers. The Starwood
    pwned the Whisky you dumbasses. 

  9. Alexander Dinesen says:

    The song playing at 14:31-14:50 what is that? It sounds so familiar but I
    can’t remember it

  10. Erin Walsh says:

    Nirvana changed everything! 

  11. James Lenahan says:

    I was actually there for all of this stuff, and I must say these
    “documentaries” are a bit on the sensationalist side of things. If you’ll
    notice, they also tend to interview a lot of people who nobody knows who
    they are, or who don’t matter. LOL. In my view, it was way more fun in the
    70’s, in the Starwood bathroom. LOL.

  12. nelson kiiru says:

    Great video goes to show that once you earn the money especially big money
    it’s good to start investing in business and shit right away cause you
    never know when it will all end(Opportunities come once rarely do they come
    back twice in real life)!! In the end of the video u see some guys who
    were dollar millionaires going broke that’s sad really sad yet they had all
    that money and nothing to show for it in the end!!

  13. Mike Wong says:

    A “metal” documentary? Who the fuck are you dickheads? Glam is the biggest
    disgrace to metal there is!

    Thrash and Heavy metal have lasted through the 80s unlike glam, and were
    not completely overtaken by grunge.

    Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Testament, Judas Priest, Metallica
    (before the pussied black album), DIO, Sabbath, Anthrax, Slayer. These are
    the REAL metal bands.

  14. Erin Walsh says:


  15. Erin Walsh says:

    they claim they got no diseases Pam Anderson has Hep C and Tommy says he
    doesn’t have it. she is married to that stupid guy, Rick Soloman,

  16. Erin Walsh says:

    this is the 80’s!!!!!!!! 

  17. Richard Coffman says:

    It sucks that they didnt talk about satanism in metal during the

  18. Ahmed El-Genedi says:

    i never ever liked motley crue @ 1:39 i know why.. vince neil thinks metal
    started on sun set blvr. like really you never heard of madein or priest..
    for real. and that is a singer in a rock band. no wonder i never ever liked

  19. Escape2Muszik says:

    What I find so stupid is arguing over genres and subgenres regardless of
    the decade in question. Who gives a shit? Enjoy the music or don’t but
    arguing over what genre of music it is? Really? Who the hell cares? It’s
    fucking music! Damn people! 

  20. Nick Nevdude says:

    anyone know what song the guitar is from at exactly 34.55

  21. Lalaxtc Cali says:

    I got a fake ID when I was 15 that said I was 32, and I was going out all
    the time to clubs like Scream, Cathouse, Zombie Zoo, White Trash, Club
    Lingerie, and the Whiskey among others in the 80’s, and saw some amazing
    shows. I saw Guns n Roses at Cathouse, saw the Cult open for Iggy Pop at
    Scream, Lord’s of the New Church, Jane’s Addiction about 40 times and other
    countless shows. I even saw Nirvana at a coffee house called JabberJaw.
    What I thought ruined that rock scene were fucked up bands like Warrant and
    Poison, and other watered down rock bands that moved to LA from places like
    Oklahoma, that totally sucked and looked and sounded all the same.

  22. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki says:

    I don’t think most of this should be labeled as metal. Metallica had
    released Kill ’em All in ’83, and Slayer and Megadeth came out not long
    after. By ’85 those bands, and others like Venom, had established what real
    metal was. By comparison, all these LA bands were light as shit. They’re
    not metal by any means. Maybe hard rock, but certainly not metal. I guess
    anything before Kill ’em All (like Motley Crue’s first two records) could
    maybe pass as metal, but that’s it.

  23. Chacha CHA says:

    Oh, wow! The Sunset Strip! My best friend and I used to tell our parents
    we were sleeping over at each others’ houses, then we’d take the bus and
    sneak off to the Strip! Friday and Saturday nights were like mardi gras!
    People partying on the street! We were barely 12 years old and came from
    middle class suburbia, so seeing all these amazing people blew our minds!
    Man…those were the days! 

  24. Carlito Montana says:

    song at 25:30?

  25. GForceFGT says:

    vince neil got fat


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