Wampler Pedals – HAIRstortion – Awesome 80’s glam metal lifestyle pedal.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha! Genius! :D

  2. Couple hours early Brian!

  3. Are you guys still replying to those product question emails?

  4. Darn you Brian I was like dang I have to get this pedal lol amazing video

  5. you had me going until the built in fan :)

  6. Awesome the bit with concealed vegetable was the icing on the cake

  7. Lol the fan. You have a great sense if humor Brian! And the white lion guy

  8. That demo made my morning =)

  9. Hahahaha xD So brutal! I want this now!.. Greetings from Venezuela!

  10. You defiantly had me going! Wasn’t sure if it was a gag or not.

    That was great!

  11. See you later March! April has begun with an awesome guitar pedal that
    features a built in hair fan!

  12. DAMN!! I want it just for the fan :P

  13. I heard there is already a waiting list a year long for this pedal. :)

  14. “that guy from White Lion”? That’s Vito Bratta to you, infidel!

  15. Of course, this is April 1st so I guess it’s available today only.

  16. Steve Vai says: “Needs a bigger fan.”

  17. I actually went to your website for prices. Disappointed. :p

  18. …”the guy from White Lion”…this is how much of tonal research took
    place…not knowing Vito Bratta who was THE most melodic ’80s player with
    the best touch on the guitar there is! And “I’ve made a pedal to get those
    exact tones!”…first of all, Slash has got a ’70s Les Paul/Marshall tone,
    Vito had a Carvin amp and George Lynch (while at Dokken) had a Soldano
    SLO!!! So…which EXACT tone does this pedal get, cause I don’t get any of

  19. So what pedal were you using???? lol

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