Vocalist Tony Harnell Leaves TNT Again

TNT Part With Vocalist Tony Harnell Once Again

January 4, 2015

The reunion between TNT and vocalist Tony Harnell has proven to be short lived, as the singer has once again left the Norwegian band.

“This was an amazing year for me and for all the TNT fans who were lucky enough to be at the concerts,” said Harnell. “Many of the shows were the best TNT shows ever in my opinion. Sadly it’s not possible for me to continue with the band. I won’t bore you with all the details… it’s nothing mind blowing and it’s certainly nothing new and it’s also best to respect the privacy of the band and keep our issues between us. At least that’s my goal.”

“What I can tell you all is that I tried very hard once again to make it work for the long haul,” Harnell continued. “I had really high hopes that it would last this time and that we would continue for years to come but it is a very volatile little machine. It’s a really great band with a wonderful catalog of music and I’m proud of all the work we’ve done and all we’ve accomplished over the years. I love our crew and appreciate all their hard work and dedication. I wish the other guys in the band well in life and in all their future endeavors.”

Harnell rejoined TNT after a seven year absence to perform with the group on their ‘Intuition 25th Anniversary Tour’.

“To the wonderful TNT fans… I know you feel deep disappointment right now and truly, so do I… more than you could ever know,” concluded Harnell. “My heart is broken, again, but I have no regrets about the past year and I’m really happy I could have such a wonderful final tour with the band for you guys. To all those who’s cities we didn’t reach, I apologize. It wasn’t for lack of desire on my part to get to you this time.”

TNT have hinted they will continue by stating, “TNT have always suffered challenging logistics. We envy band and crew who live in the same city, traveling and being away from home can be hard for everybody. Especially for those who have to travel the longest and be the longest time away from their dear ones. The only firm 2015 plans so far is that Ronni (Le Tekro, guitarist) will continue promoting his recent solo album and will be gigging with Rypdal/Tekro. Diesel (Dahl, drummer) will be doing some gigs with Tindrum featuring Kee Marcello.”

“The TNT heart have NOT stopped beating. Consider it possible that TNT will rise again — sooner or later — in one way or another form.”

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