Vinyl Collection 22 – 80’s Part 5 (Hair & Glam Metal)

Vinyl Collection 22 - 80's Part 5 (Hair & Glam Metal)

Here you go! Part 5 of my 80’s Collection. This is the Glam and Hair Metal of the 80’s (and if I remember correctly a few 90’s snuck in there as well ). Hope…

Pantera in their Glam metal days! This is a video of them before Phil Anselmo joined. Still has a killer solo from Dime, and Vinnie’s playing a checkerboard …
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  1. @821tone Thanks Tone! I love the 80’s on cassette as well. I get as many as
    I can! Maybe I need to show my cassette collection in a video sometime
    soon. You as well Tone lol! Take care my friend.

  2. @DemonHunter50 Thanks man. Yeah thats true about F like a Beast. Actually
    it was one of the albums on what they called the “Filthy 15” list that
    brought about the label. We always think hard rock and metal were
    considered the worst but most people forget that Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop”
    was also on that list the brought about the explicit label lol. Those Dam

  3. @bluenazz Thanks man! That make me feel really good about making these
    videos because that is truly what I want. I really want to share my
    collection and love of music with others! Anytime I hear that my videos
    gave someone a new idea, view, or just an introduction to new artist or
    information….it really makes me feel good! Thanks my friend!

  4. @mrhoffame no problem, DId you know that The album F**K like a beast is the
    reason for Explicit Labels on albums. After that album the goverment
    started cracking down on lyrics.Anyways I hope to have as many records as
    you. Right now I only have 1 vinyl, 2 Tapes, and 160 cd’s. I am only 18 and
    I think buying your music is the only way to get it. I enjoy going to
    different record shops to buy my cd’s, I guess i should start collecting

  5. Nice collection, I’ve gotta get me some stryper, And Dokken Kicks ass, I
    think they were straight up Melodic Metal Rather then glam metal, yeah
    Under Lock and Key had a glam cover but that was just to sell it to the
    public, their music was mainly traditional Metal.

  6. wow! nice mötley crüe collection. i got shout at the devil,theater of pain
    and girls girls girls on vinyl but i really wanna have dr feelgood thats my
    fave album.

  7. Nice RATT collection!! lml lml <------- I give it 2 sets of metal horns!!!

  8. Can you do a video on Thrash Metal vinyl, CD’s,and cassettes.

  9. @ronfrrll73 That is awesome man! I missed that tour 🙁 Thanks for watching!

  10. @jokertt14 Thanks a lot for your comments. I will try to do a tour video
    sometime in the near future.

  11. @sideshowtink Thanks Tink! Please Tell me you went and saw her!!!! I would
    have loved to have been there!

  12. Just finished to watch the 5 parts of your 80’s records and I was asking
    myself if you had any Talk Talk albums? “The colour of Spring” is a
    personal favorite!

  13. Just getting around to some of your earlier vids. I really missed out on
    this part of the rock music culture although I have a bunch of the Stryper
    records. The album covers are all way over the top!

  14. @DemonHunter50 I bought it after I made this video lol. Thanks for checking
    out my vids and all the comments. It’s really, really appreciated!

  15. 80% of the list is my vinyl collection.

  16. @mikeinportsri Hey Mr Mike! Thanks for the comment. You are right…gotta
    love The Crue!

  17. @dimebagdave77 Hey Dime! Thanks my man! Always great to hear from you and
    I’m glad you enjoyed the video! Stay in touch my friend!

  18. cool stuff there, all my 80’s stuff is on tape

  19. Great collection of hair metal albums man!!!! I saw Moltley in 2006 on the
    Carnival Of sins tour.

  20. where is Fuck like a beast by wasp?

  21. Ah, this category/genre was my fave at the time. Fabulous collection!!
    Queensryche Mindcrime was one of my all time fave albums. Lita was at the
    Chiller Expo last week!

  22. Dio, Crue and Cinderella are perfect albums out of the 80’s. Amazing Crue
    are back together, god bless em. Great video hoffame.

  23. docking!jealous of the first warrant and motley crue greatest hits.i
    seriously enjoyed this video.i wish i had thought of asking you to do it

  24. impressive collection , still have lots of vinyl but not a patch on what
    you got, is great to see,still prefer the sound quality on vinyl to
    anything else

  25. Dime still amazing as he always was. Even for glam, it’s still great
    simply because it’s Pantera!

  26. I’m a big fan of the Glam Metal sound but I’ve always hated the poser style
    and attitude which came with it. All the big hair, make-up, leggings and
    leopard print clothing. It’s just fake, Metal should be all about the music
    and not the looks.

  27. How did they go from this to Mouth For War, Fucking Hostile or Five Minutes
    Alone. It’s Dime alright but how did he go from that to kicking the shit
    out of people in the 1990s.

  28. I can call this Van Halen Tera or simply as Vantera

  29. @DivaDarkie yeah um eat a dick, i can see u saying that they are gay now,
    but metallicas first 4 albums probably influenced everything u listen to now

  30. Very Van Halen/Def Lep influenced era, these were pretty heavy for the
    time. They were already harder then most of the bands that were mainstream
    at the time. These were very good albums.

  31. @ThatMetalDrummer You stole that.

  32. @dobiedub1 Yeah exactly, If people will look past the image, The music was
    awesome ! Poison were the band that got me into rock years ago, They are
    far from my favorite these days and musically were not metal. But I credit
    them for me becoming a metal head… But yeah,90% of Glam was badass..

  33. Goddamn, someone needed to take a weed whacker to Darrell’s hair!

  34. God, this is gayer then Neil Patrick Harris. but the music is still hard.
    Its not as if they have ballads, do they?lol

  35. Dont WALK away…. run as fast as u can. and dont ever stop until your
    under water.

  36. All that means to me is that they “dumbed down” their music enough so that
    the retarded mass of Low IQ people could finally embrace it. I can’t stand
    Phil Anslemo and that screaming shit. I listened to Cowboys from Hell, and
    that was the last Pantera release that I bought. I got the first 4 back in
    the 80’s, and while “Power Metal” wasn’t bad, I simply prefer Terry Lee’s
    voice and the style of Metal they played before they sold out on those of
    us who were their original fans.

  37. MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM can we record a video in the garage ? sure dime
    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Vinny wants to use fire

  38. This is much better than their 90´s era. Anselmo sounds like shit. The
    riffs and solo in this song is awesome.

  39. Que excelente esta era de pantera

  40. Look at these queers. Most of you wouldn’t ever accept shit like this if it
    was not diamond darrel at al. QUEERS

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