Vintage Glam/Hair Metal Interviews Collection (3)


  1. I can’t believe that dude drank that hot sauce.

  2. These are some great interviews thanx for the upload.

  3. Ronnie Keel turned his back on rock and went country…….saying it was
    who he really was all along……and then when that didn’t work, he
    reformed Keel – a band that sucked to begin with. Total POSEUR.

  4. what’s the song at 1:56 please? Realy need to know ! I love it´╗┐

  5. @louielovett warrant is one of the best rock bands ever you have shitty
    taste man

  6. @rockfreakmccool “So Far Away” and “Just Another Night”

  7. @Impenneteri 1st. fuck off your stupid, second i never said i hated this
    music if you would have clicked the little 5:55 then maybe you would know
    what im talking about. the music in the 80’s was good, but they looked gay.
    also its hard for u to even have an argument back because alot of these
    bands now realize how stupid that was, and by that i mean wearing make up,
    skin tight pink pants, and huge hair. but no ur right go ahead and wear
    that shit instead of normal clothes that 90’s bands wore.

  8. yep your right man, kurt cobain turned rock from an ” i got Balls, and you
    better fuckin deal with it” type of Music, Into a ” please finger me softly
    with your metaphors” type of Music

  9. savatage isnt glam. where does white lion fit in here?

  10. whats the name of the wildside songs?

  11. Can you put all the name of the songs?


  13. @18visions80skid hey bucko dont be mad that all these guys that wore makeup
    got pushed away for better music. im sure the generation this replaced said
    the same thing.

  14. jannie lane RIP Sing me a song when I get there!!!!

  15. cual es el nombre le la cancion de paul line ???

  16. now this is music!! thanks!!

  17. What’s the name of the Paul Laine song?

  18. Dude, you should put the names of songs and bands, but anyway, nice list :3

  19. Please, what are their names songs from artists, what you state in your
    choice, some known, some not but I hear it the first time, they are these:
    Paul Laine Savatage Vinie Vincent Invasion Tesla Poison Def Leppard Warrant
    song 2 Thank You.

  20. Get the audio from this clip at thetunify doht cohm.

  21. 5:55 probably the gayest thing i have ever seen.

  22. @18visions80skid No Warrant sucks. If you like Warrant you have shitty
    taste. Nirvana and Kurt Cobain wrote some great music. Speaking of cool
    metal, I’m listening to Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance right now –
    it’s killer!

  23. Steelheart or skid row?

  24. Warrant started the downfall of cool 80s metal. They suck donkey dicks.

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