Trench Dogs Stream "Pussyfootin’" On Sleaze Roxx

Trench Dogs Stream “Pussyfootin'” On Sleaze Roxx

May 20, 2014

The Trench Dogs have teamed up with Sleaze Roxx to preview their new song “Pussyfootin'”.

The track was mixed and mastered by none other than Crashdiet guitarist Martin Sweet. “The song really captured that dark headspace you’re in after a break-up,” vocalist Andy Hekkandi told Sleaze Roxx’ Andy Miller. “At that time I was dumped and left homeless on the otherside of the planet. I’d like to think of it as a ‘moron dealing with heartbreak in an innapropriate manner’.”

“We’re pretty happy with how it turned out,” continues bassist Li Sick, “it’s the first song we recorded as a band and I’m surprised how well we worked together — it was so easy. We recorded with Johan Syren from Debka Studios and Martin Sweet mixed and mastered the song. It took a while, because he’s a busy guy and it was during Christmas and New Years, but we are happy with the results in the end — that’s what matters.” “It was cool to have an established musician dig our shit and want to be a part of it,” Hekkandi agreed.

The Swedish rockers already have more songs ready to go and are hoping to record an album soon. “As soon as we set the new guitar player in stone (I think we found a good one!) we’re going to move fast and smash out as many records as we can,” said Hekkandi. “We have so many songs jut waiting to be splashed out.” Details on any upcoming recordings will be available through the band’s FaceBook page at

Being part of the Swedish hard rock revival, the Trench Dogs name their infleunces as the New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, T-Rex, Sweet, Faster Pussycat, Iggy Pop, ’70s glam rock and punk. “Steve Harris was the reason I picked up a bass,” says Sick, “but there are so many other musicians that influenced me — from classical music to opera to reggae to jazz and metal. I’m influenced by a lot of things.” Hekkandi had a laugh while explaining his infleunces, “I learned to sing by shouting along to Eddie Cochran and Elvis Presely, but couldn’t help sounding more like Taime Downe and Davy Vain! I’ve been submerged in music since I was a pup, my childhood was locked doors with Nick cave, The Rolling stones and such. It’s no wonder I became such a social retard who makes music!”

The Trench Dogs first came together in 2013, and as Sick explains, “It all started at one of our favorite places, Zinkens Pub. We had a few beers and we started talking music. Of course before that Andy asked me to move to Sweden and start a band with him — I saved my money, packed my bags, and a year later there I was. Martin (Andersson, drummer) was in the US when we got there, getting oil massage by some Jamaican guy. We started at Budweels studio, a really cool studio that still send us letters saying we owe them money, and started playing some Judas Priest, Ramones and Hanoi Rocks covers. A few days later we started working on our first original.” “We met up sometime in 2013 and played a bunch of punk covers,” continued Hekkandi. “It was like ‘yep, I’ve found The pirates I want to take on the ship with me!'”

Despite being such a new band, the Trench Dogs already have a story that will last them a lifetime involving a hedgehog and LSD. “That was the first time I ever saw one of those things, it just so happened that we were on acid at the time, laughs Hekkandi. “I don’t want to have fucken animal rights activists on my ass, but we took it inside to look at it for a few hours. I remember it was growing and shrinking and we were crawling around behind it watching it… We ended up locking it in a cupboard while we went frollicking in the woods. Upon our return we discovered the hedgecock had shat everywhere and smeared it’s shit all over the cupboard! Don’t worry though, we released it and made a 16 year old girl from England clean up the mess for us. That was an LSD trip to remember!” “His name was Bigobi,” continues Sick. “I guess he was scared cause me and Andy were tripping balls. For some reason we thought he was on vacation — everyone knows hedgehogs are on vacations. We were trying to feed him cheese and sausages, for some reason he didn’t like them — then of course we found out that hedgehogs don’t eat cheese. I’d like to think he’s doing fine, still on vacation, and taking shits at people’s houses.”

Finally, Hekkandi sums up his dreams. “Like most people I wanted to be the center of attention and have something live on after I’m gone… to eternalise myself on a shitty rock ‘n’ roll record! I always wanted to be as cool as Shirley Straun and Michael Monroe — I don’t know if I’m quite there yet,” says the singer with a laugh.

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