Top 10 hair glam sleaze metal solos in the world


  1. skid row and loudness aren’t glam bands either get it right

  2. @dobiedub1 Thats because they are ” Not the same genre”

  3. Now this is a great list! Loudness and Nitro are definitely worth

  4. @dobiedub1 They aren’t thrash, they’re traditional heavy metal (NWOBHM).

  5. @dobiedub1 LOL Diamond Head is no where in this video

  6. Most of these bands I’ve never heard of before.

  7. should have put kee marcello “europe superstitious ” in one of lynch’s 2
    spots…. but spread eagle and nitro….. fuckin awsome

  8. @dobiedub1 ohhhhh gotcha i was confused, thought you were sayin somethin
    else and fuck yeah i used to listen to lightning to the nations all the time

  9. @pbuddy3473 Not the same genre, but like Diamond Head in thrash.

  10. Should have had some Europe, and also some Winger and Ratt, but you had
    Loudness and Nitro, so I guess that makes up for it :p

  11. @dobiedub1 what genre are they then?

  12. @pbuddy3473 Yeah. Best fuckin’ album by Diamond Head!

  13. @cparkes92 haha ya i tried to stay away from the mainstream bands like
    motley crue and van halen cuz so many of the underground bands are greatly

  14. @pbuddy3473 Diamond Head is heavy-thrash metal. They influenced Metallica,
    Megadeth, etc.

  15. this list sucks so many WAY BETTER solos #1 should’ve been Nitro – Machine
    Gunn Eddie looks like this fucker doesn’t do his homework with guitar solos

  16. No. 1 shouldn’t be here, this is just wankery (although, I still kinda like
    it) Should have had some Badlands, Blue Murder, TNT, Krokus, Icon, Extreme,
    John Norum and Bonfire.

  17. FUCKIN AWESOME BRO, i have been playing guitar for almost a full year and
    this is e xactly MY FATE!! WOOT

  18. Damn you had Nitro there. MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO!!!! Like the first top 10
    I’ve seen them in.

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