Tigertailz Get "Punched In The Gutz" In Latest Video

Tigertailz Get “Punched In The Gutz” In Latest Video

June 30, 2014

The Welsh glam metal titans Tigertailz are back with an almighty big bang in the new video for “Punched In The Gutz”, showing how they can still pack a mighty punch.

“Punched In The Gutz” is the third video release from the band’s much acclaimed ‘Knives’ EP. Founding member and guitarist Jay Pepper reunited with long-time drummer Matt Blakout to create ‘Knives’, along with singer Jules Millis and bassist Rob Wylde. Blakout returned to the band at a pivotal moment in their history — a time when they sounds hungrier than ever, and when the ‘Knives’ are most definitely sharpened.

The band are also well on the way with the recording of the next killer EP ‘Daggerz’ — scheduled for release by Italian label Scarlet Records in late 2014/early 2015. It will feature the brand new exciting Klint artwork which was designed by renowned Manga artist Ben Krefta. More exciting news for Tailz Maniacz everywhere will be the release of unheard old Tigertailz demos on FnA Records, called ‘Tigertailz Lost Reelz’, which is due for release in September 2014.

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