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Thrash Metal vs. Glam Metal (Get Thrashed)

The Story of Thrash And Glam Metal Madness.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Thrash Metal vs. Glam Metal (Get Thrashed)”

  1. Fedir Belenko says:

    Metalheads! Thrashers and Sleazers, Hair and Glam metalheads! Hear me and
    obey! The time to fight is over!! We must all embrace each other for the
    new wave of posers, scene kids, Nu-Metal, Emo, Wigger Slam and Emo Hard
    Core that is ruining the Metal genre!!! We fight to preserve the Metal
    Genre over all!

  2. Shandon Simpson says:

    The leather style that Thrash bands had, was inspired from Judas Priest.
    Judas got the ideal for leather from gay bars. Glam crossed dressed. Glam
    got the women and money. Thrash progresst metal and were better musicians.
    Eather way both genres are good and both have there let downs. 

  3. Paula Lins says:

    Well, I love both styles…after all, they both rock! Long live Motley
    Crue, Metallica, Dokken, Slayer, Poison, Overkill, Hanoi Rocks, Megadeth,
    Quiet Riot, Exodus, Wasp,Anthrax…

  4. Austin Stockstill says:

    lol whats funny is that alot of thrash bands started out as glam bands.
    slayer started out with the glam look and pantera use to be a glam metal
    band all through the 80s. I actually prefer their 80s stuff than cowboys
    from hell and up. 

  5. ElAnticrito2007 (Die, Die, Die, Die, Die, Die, Die, Dieeeeeeeeee) says:

    glam rock and glam metal is bull****

  6. VitalSigns1 says:

    As much as I love thrash metal, moreso than glam metal even, I think thrash
    fans who attack glam metal are complete idiots and don’t know what the fuck
    they’re talking about. Judging by the majority of the comments on glam vs.
    thrash videos such as this one, it’s clear to me that glam supporters are
    making much better arguments whereas thrash fans are really making
    themselves look stupid…

  7. MidNightRiders48 says:

    No, you are a dumb faggot for actually believing that thrash junk is the
    best type of metal that exists, but in reality it is the shame of the 80s,
    that’s why it never made it. You have to be seriously fucking retarded to
    want to be a thrasher only because they have a toned down look and music
    that is dark because that’s necessarily real, instead of wanting to be like
    Yngwie Malmsteem, Paul Gilbert or Warren Demartini. You’re just a trendy
    thrash poser afraid of other “true metalheads’ opinion.

  8. MetalFan616 says:

    The pointless arguments on this video are so amusing in my opinion.

  9. MidNightRiders48 says:

    Shut the fuck up piece of shit ugly bitch and go back to the kitchen. You
    tone deaf talentless waste of life.

  10. Hunter Cazador says:

    but sodom an kreator and detruction is more brutal than all glam metal bands

  11. MidNightRiders48 says:

    Motley Crue is good, the high point of their career was from 1982 to 1984.
    After that, they got softer and more 80s rock ‘n roll. If you think that’s
    the best or heaviest band with the glam/rockstar image, you’re in for a
    surprise. That’s what I hate about idiots who think glam metal is weak
    music, they only know about the well known bands and have no clue about the
    rest. There are glam metal bands that are just as fast and heavy as thrash,
    except they are more melodic. Some even outdo thrash.

  12. MidNightRiders48 says:

    Anyone who wonders why “I’m filled with hate towards thrash or other
    extreme metal”, it’s simple. It’s because of these genres that today’s
    “metal” scene is what it is, no matter how you try to deny it. This is why
    most dumb teens of today think that all metal is ugly and noise, and think
    that lame coldplay and wigger kid rock are rockstars. Or worse, that
    rappers are the true “artists” and “rockstars”. You assholes made rock and
    metal repulsive. It dumbed down society to a point of no return.

  13. MidNightRiders48 says:

    Well looks like you have found yourself a boyfriend. Not surprising, since
    thrash shows are always a sausage fest where no sane girl would go. Yeah go
    give him an award and maybe even do other things together. Do you know how
    to find him?

  14. Swarley Rodriguez says:

    Burzum, Megadeth, Slayer, Dark Throne, Sepeltura, Sex Pistols, Pantera.
    REAL metal. Bon Jovi called. He want’s his asshole licked.

  15. MidNightRiders48 says:

    I agree that grunge crap is not entirely responsible for ending glam metal
    and 80s rock, but what makes you think that it would have died anyway? I
    personally think that it would have stayed the same during a certain period
    of time, and then would have evolved to being better and more musically
    complex, had the record companies not been involved and let it all follow
    it’s natural course. Bands breaking up doesn’t matter, they would have been
    replaced by other, possibly better bands.

  16. Danzig Era says:

    I grew up listening to Kiss, Europe, Van Halen, Cinderella,Twisted Sister,
    Queen, Whitesnake, etc. Yet I also listen to bands such as Priest and
    Sabbath all the way to Autopsy and the Misfits. Did you know a W.A.S.P. fan
    threw a rock at Dave Mustaine when Megadeth was performing at a festival
    because he showed up 3 hours late meaning the W.A.S.P. fans had to wait
    longer. I never heard of a Thrash fan doing the same

  17. Danzig Era says:

    Yeah, I got no problem with you addressing this kid, when someone tells me
    my music is shit I call them a faggot and go back to listening to Judas
    Priest or whatever, but don’t take it personally what they say cause it’ll
    freak you out because they’re either too childish or immature to comprehend
    what you’re saying, or trolling

  18. Danzig Era says:

    I think you just want to rage. No one here is asking for anything.

  19. Del Preston says:

    I was being sarcastic dip shit.

  20. MidNightRiders48 says:

    Lol what a clueless idiot you are, why are you calling me a “kid”, when I
    am probably older than you are?! What strange habits teens have nowdays,
    calling people older then they are ‘kids’. Talk about being a smartass
    nerd. So everything is good to you, except core genres? Even nu-metal,
    alternative metal, modern death and black metal?? …

  21. Danzig Era says:

    Glam’s been around longer than Thrash.. and so what if they look like Spice
    Girls or not, does it somehow affect the music how they dress? Of course
    they wear a bit of eye makeup and glitter.. That’s why they’re called
    Glam/Hair metal? They’re not retarded they know what they’re doing, they’re
    going for a look. Just like Black Metal bands are skinny or some cases
    anorexic to get starving wounds, wear corpse paint and all black and
    inverted crosses etc. Glam’s doing the same but their own look.

  22. MidNightRiders48 says:

    Again, you can’t read. Slayer’s IMAGE, as well as the first glam metal
    bands of the early 80s are goth/punk INFLUENCED. Why? Because back then,
    punk and goth bands were sharing the same areas and clubs as the metal
    bands, so they took influence from each other. Although some thief thrash
    bands like metallica stole the high speed music idea from punk, instead of
    their looks, while Motley Crue got inspired by their looks only and made
    their own music. By the way, metal was never meant to be

  23. Swarley Rodriguez says:

    Stop being a fucking faggot and piss off.

  24. Danzig Era says:

    Also, unless you know every thrash fan personally, stop saying shit about
    them or MORE people are gonna fucking start commenting and we don’t want
    that. Just relax, if someone’s attacking your music think of it as a good
    thing, you wont run into them at gigs. If you have a problem with her or
    anyone else go ahead and smash and block the shitheads I’ll back you up,
    but don’t insult EVERYONE in the genre. It’s her that’s being the cunt,
    it’s not like Anthrax came out and personally insulted you.

  25. Danzig Era says:

    Sure, I agree. Glam and Thrash are total opposites so of course there’d be
    disagreement everywhere you go. Thrash isn’t graceful, and mostly there are
    political/depressing lyrics to match with the music, me personally I don’t
    care I enjoy them both and in all honesty, I don’t think it’s worth it to
    get all hyped up. I’m not saying walk away, if someone’s insulting you,
    insult them back I’m all for that but don’t let it consume you


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