Tesla – Signs

“Signs” is originally a song by the Canadian group Five Man Electrical Band and was first released in 1970.

Covered and recorded live by Tesla for their Five Man Acoustical Jam album in 1990, peaking at number 8 on the Pop charts. This cover had some minor changes to the lyrics: the line “blockin’ out the scenery” was changed to “f****’ up the scenery,” and “made up my own little sign” was changed to “made up my own f****’ sign”. A studio version recorded in 2007 used the original lyrics.

Tesla’s Five Man Acoustical Jam, may not have been the first band to try the unplugged thing, but Tesla were the one’s that made the unplugged performance the popular trend that it was in the early nineties. After Five Man Acoustical Jam, a lot of artists starting releasing cds from MTV Unplugged appearances. Springsteen and Nirvana, to just name a few.

Tesla’s Five Man Acoustical Jam is not your typical live album. With this cd you can tell everybody’s having a good time. The band and the fans are really enjoying themselves, not taking things to seriously. The intimacy of the performance is great. Many highlights from Tesla’s first two albums and great oldies covers make this a great cd.

Tesla turns Five Man Electrical Band’s “Signs” into their own song. What a great rendition. Other covers Tesla performs include Truckin’ and Lodi. The Five Man Acoustical Jam really shows off the talents of Tesla and is an excellent and rewarding album.

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