Silent Rage – Rebel With A Cause

Formed in 1985 in Los Angeles, and debuted in the same year by appearing in the Pure Rock compilation with the song “Make It Or Break It”. With this track, the band was noted by Chameleon Records with which signed a recording contract shortly after. Their debut album came in 1987 with the album Shattered Hearts, produced by the renowned Paul Sabu, who also contributed to the composition of some songs.

After the moderate success of the debut, the group came to the attention of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, who convinced them to sign a contract to his label, Simmons Records (distributed by RCA) in August 1988.

The second album, “Don’t Touch Me There” released in 1989 was produced, on the advice of Simmons, again by Paul Sabu. This is because Simmons had appreciated the formula worked on the debut that he had produced. Pat Regan and Mikey Davis also participated in the production of the album.

“Don’t Touch Me There” was a great success, and this was extracted from the hit “Rebel With A Cause”, broadcasted well enough by MTV. In addition, the album reached number one in a few European charts. After the RCA broke agreements with Simmons Records, Silent Rage broke up for a period, and their members undertook other projects.

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