Shark Island – Paris Calling

Shark Island had been known in Los Angeles nightclubs for having a raw, rough and hard-edged sound while being melodic and having memorable and catchy songs as well. Much like Van Halen’s first album, it was believed that Shark Island’s first album would be like experiencing them live to what they would be like seeing them in concert.

The album and no promotion from Epic Records and the band vanished from the scene with most of its members joining other projects. Law of the Order was re-issued in 2004 by French independent label, Bad Reputation, as a double CD. That included bonus tracks culled from the July 14, 1989 Bastille Day – Alive At The Whiskey EP, “Father Time” and “Dangerous” from the 1989 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure OST, “My City” from the 1991 Point Break OST, and LOTO era live cuts, “Spellbound’ and “Sanctuary”.

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