Saigon Kick – One Step Closer

Before Marilin Manson was a singer, he spent a shitload of time in Saigon Kick`s rehearsal room in the early days, he was a big fan of the band. They gained a following on the local club scene and generated enough of a buzz to be signed to Third Stone records in 1990 and release their first album in 1991. They toured at length but the album only made a marginal national showing.They went immediately back into the studio to record their second album, The Lizard which was released in 1992. The album spawned the band’s biggest hit single, which garnered initial airplay on South Florida’s WSHE “Love Is on the Way”, SHE PD Brian Krysz literally forced top 40 Y100 |gold record]], and whose video was in the top 10 MTV countdown for many weeks to play the song which catapulted it to a national hit single.. Just before touring for the album commenced, bassist Tom DeFile was fired. He was replaced by ex-Cold Sweat bassist Chris McLernon. They toured from summer 1992 to spring 1993, enjoying gold status sales for The Lizard.The drummer Phil Varone joined Skid Row for the album Thickskin.

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