Roxxi Catalano (ex – De La Cruz) Offers Free Download Of Latest Single

Former De La Cruz Frontman Releases Second Solo SingleFebruary 3, 2015

Former De La Cruz singer Roxxi Catalano has released the second single from his upcoming debut EP, due for release later this year via Demon Doll Records. Following on the heels of Catalano’s first solo single, “Rxckin’ Barbie Doll”, comes “Never Enuff”, which is being made available as a ‘name your price’ digital download at

“The whole EP was written in a week, five days actually,” Roxxi Catalano told Sleaze Roxx late last year, “it’s no labor of love, but maybe it should have been? I’m quite A.D.D. — I just like to get stuff done. So I lock myself in my room with a guitar and lots of Captain Morgan Rum and just smash song demo’s out until there’s a few that I don’t entirely hate. Then I’ll work a bit more on them, hone them, give them a bit more life, and then it’s rehearsals with other members. I’ve had assistance in the recording side — drum tech, drummer, studios, etc. I’m lucky I’ve got friends in that scene willing to help — in fact my good friend Voya from the Sydney band Lakoudis performs the guitar solo on the track “Metal Dreams”. But writing wise it’s all me, and maybe that will be obvious. In De La Cruz it was a five person puzzle — this is just me so I hope people go easy (laughs). People will naturally draw the comparison, but if I’d wanted to I could have used the De La Cruz name and kept pounding music out like the Whitesnake/David Coverdale franchise. Maybe I will exhume De La Cruz one day, but for now it’s just something fun and should be regarded as such.”

De La Cruz’ full-length debut ‘Street Level’ was released in 2013 by Frontiers Records. In a review of the album Sleaze Roxx stated that, “the sound quality of Street Level is very pristine and clean, being produced by Casey Jones. He could easily be rock’s next guitar God, and as most of us following the music industry will know there haven’t been very many worthy of that category in the last 20 years.” A year after the release of ‘Street Level’ the band called it quits.

“I think we had a lot of promise, and it’s hard not to get a bit vindictive about it all, but ultimately it boils down to if people’s hearts aren’t in it then there’s no point,” said Catalano regarding De La Cruz’ demise. “I think the band formed at a time when big life changes were just out of sight for a few of the members. You know people change and grow, and that’s cool, but if you fuck with the ingredients too much it ain’t the same recipe. A lot of people directly contribute the failure to Casey (Jones) leaving, but I don’t agree with this. He was a huge, HUGE piece of the band of course but I think it was merely a catalyst for other members to re-think things. Maybe it cast doubt over the situation, and once there’s self-doubt in a band you’re fucked.”

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