Ratt – Shame, Shame, Shame

The song was co-written by famed songwriter Desmond Child, Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini and lead singer Stephen Pearcy. The song features a slow detuned opening guitar solo, titled “Intro To Shame”, that suddenly speeds up at the 0:55 mark until the drums and the bass come in at 1:01 into the song.

In the music video for the song, the bandmembers are in an airship. The airship is apparently being attacked by another airship piloted and manned by a crew of strippers. The band retaliates and is successfully defeating the other airship until one of the women activates a switch called “Detonator” (also the title of the album). After doing so the band’s airship blows up and the bandmembers and strippers fall safely from the sky unharmed. The cliffhanger ending is not resolved until the video for their next single, “Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job”.
Source: Wikipedia

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