Phantom Blue – Time To Run

From their second full length album “Built to Perform” released in 1993
This video is dedicated to the memory of Phantom Blue members: guitarist Michelle Meldrum (September 28 1968 – May 21 2008) and bassist Rana Ross (R.I.P. 3rd May 2003)

Well I’m standing at the front line
My life seems like a war
And I’m so tired of fighting babe
Don’t wanna see your face no more
Well I think you know it’s over
It’s better left undone
Now I will soon be going
‘Cause the things you’ve said and done

I know baby it’s time to run
Why don’t you open your eyes
And I know
Baby your time has come
It’s time to run

When I’m talking to ya boy
I might be talkin to the wall
Now I’ve got news for you
You just ain’t no fun at all
I don’t hear a word for me
I don’t hear your words at all
You better watch your step
‘Cause you’re heading for a fall

I just wanna walk away
I just turn my back and say
Baby your time has come
I’m so tired I’m so confused
Twice around I’ve paid my dues
Baby it’s time to run

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