Niagara – Now Or Never (Full Album)

Spanish band that got international exposure and released three albums, the last one in 1994. Formed towards the end of 1985 under the name Tora Tora they quickly gained a strong local following and raving reviews! After the name change and several successful live appearances Niagara stimulated loads of interest in the international music press. Kerrang! journalist Derek Oliver (who was also A&R manager for Atlantic at the time) gave them a praising five “K” review and their debut “Now or Never” that was just released toped the British charts! Two nearly sold-out British tours followed shortly after. “Now or Never” is an excellent album of melodic Hair Metal very characteristic of the late 1980s! Give it a good listen and make sure you add it to your collection.

Track Listing
1. Fallen Angel / Intro : 00:00
2. Walking : 00:46
3. I Will Be There 05:11
4. Take my Hand 08:55
5. Now or Never : 14:43
6. I Should Be Stronger : 19:21
7. No Conversation 23:32
8. You Belong to Me 27:27
9. Secret Lover 31:13
10. Live on the Line 34:59

Tony Cuevas – Vocals
Manuel Arias – Guitar
Ángel Arias – Bass
Ricardo Castañeda – Keyboards
Jose Martos – Drums


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