Madame X – High In Highschool

Madam X was formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1981 by the Petrucci sisters, Roxy and Maxine, who had previously played in an all-female group called Pantagruel. They recruited bass guitarist Chris Doliber and vocalist Bret Kaiser, and the band relocated to New York. They were signed to Jet Records by Don Arden and released their debut album “We Reserve The Right” in 1984, produced by Rick Derringer. The above video is from the single “High in High School”.

Kaiser later left the band and was unsuccessfully replaced by British singer John Ward. More songs were recorded but remained unreleased as the band were dropped by Jet. Ward then left the band and was replaced by unknown Canadian vocalist Sebastian Bach. Roxy Petrucci also left, joining Vixen, and was replaced by Mark “Bam-Bam” McConnell. Despite touring with a flamboyant stage show, the group disintegrated in 1988 with Bach leaving to join Skid Row, and McConnell joining Carrera. Madam X continued briefly as a trio with Shawn Duncan replacing McConnell, but when Doliber left to form his own band, Madam X disbanded.

In 1991, the Petrucci sisters reformed Madam X with vocalist Lenita Erickson; this line-up was later renamed Hell’s Belles with Irene Wohlman on bass guitar, but soon disbanded.

Roxy Petrucci later reformed Vixen. After leaving Madam X, Bret Kaiser formed his own band (Kaiser) with his brother, and today he performs with his own Band ’56 with a Debut CD titled “Steppin” Kaiser also performs as an Elvis Presley tribute artist. McConnell died on May 24, 2012.

Madam X reunited at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 7, 2014.

Source: Wikipedia

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