Lynch Mob EP Is Nearing Completion

Lynch Mob EP Is Nearing Completion

September 19, 2014

A brand new Lynch Mob EP, featuring original vocalist Oni Logan and former Dokken guitarist George Lynch, is nearing completion.

“For those who are curious about the new Lynch Mob EP, at the moment we are working on album design and title,” says Logan. “Hang tight, it looks like it will be an October release.”

Lynch Mob’s previous EP, ‘Unplugged: Live At Sugarhill Studios’ was released in March of 2013 through Rat Pak Records. ‘Unplugged’ was recorded at historic Sugar Hill Studios in downtown Houston, Texas during the filming of “Slow Drag”, the video from the band’s highly successful release ‘Sound Mountain Sessions’. The EP featured rare acoustic versions of “Wicked Sensation”, “River Of Love”, “Where Do You Sleep At Night”, and “All I Want” performed by Lynch, Logan, bassist Robbie Crane, guitarist Brian Tichy and percussionist Tyson Sheth.

In February of this year Lynch Mob performed a series of concerts with vocalist Thadeus Gonzalez, best known for fronting Electric Sister, Lit bassist Kevin Baldes and BulletBoys drummer Jimmy D’Anda.

For twelve years with Dokken, George Lynch was able to develop a groundbreaking brand of guitar virtuoso that would also earn a Grammy nomination. In the early 1990s Lynch launched his own project, Lynch Mob, which harnessed the talent of rock’s best players and released several well-received records, from 1990s ‘Wicked Sensation’ to ‘Unplugged: Live From Sugarhill Studios’. Tracks like “Wicked Sensation”, “River of Love” and “Tangled In The Web” have solidified George Lynch’s position on Guitar World’s list of Greatest Guitarists Of All Time. Live, Lynch Mob is described as desert-infused blues-based rock with a penchant for extended improvising, harkening back to the glorious jam days of the late ’60s and early ’70s.

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