Killer Dwarfs – Method To The Madness (Full Album)

Released in 1992 with Andy Johns in the producer’s chair. Mike Hall was replaced by Gerry Finn to take over the guitar duties. This album was hailed as one of the best hard rock albums Canada ever produced, including the title track, “Hard Luck Town” and “Cowboys and Conmen ” along with the chart topping “Driftin Back” power ballad. After a few years of touring in support of Method to the Madness, the band parted ways with Sony/Epic.

Track Listing

00:00 Hard Luck Town
04:35 Just As Well
09:05 Driftin’ Back
14:23 All My Heroes
18:22 Stranger Than Fiction
22:33 Four Seasons
28:31 Method To The Madness
32:39 Give And Take
36:30 Look Around
41:25 G.T.Y (Goodbye to yesterday)
45:39 Cowboys And Conmen
50:38 Doesn’t Matter

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