JK Northrup Releases Collection Of Duets And Ballads

JK Northrup Releases Collection Of Duets And Ballads

September 22, 2014

Former King Kobra guitarist JK Northrup has re-signed with Ossum Possum Records to release ‘JK Northrup & Friends: A Collection Of Duets & Ballads’.

“Besides several new songs, this features what I consider some of the best songs I have written over the past 22 years,” says Northrup. “When I say re-signed, I mean in 1992 I first signed to Ossum Possum Records for the release of the classic ‘Back On Track’ album with Paul Shortino on vocals and many other multi-platinum guest players”.

The twelve track collection includes several guest appearances including the last completed song sung by Warrant’s Jani Lane before his passing in 2011. Also making appearances are Kip Winger, Danger Danger’s Ted Poley, King Kobra’s Paul Shortino and Great White’s Terry Ilous and Mark Kendall.

“This ‘Collection’ spans the past 22 years of my career as a songwriter, guitarist and producer,” continues Northrup. “I chose to release the ‘Duets & Ballads’ because these are, in my humble opinion, the best songs that showcase my song writing. Since most of these songs are just the singer and myself, it makes them all the more intimate! There are two new songs and the rest from various albums over the years. All songs are re-mastered, some have been re-recorded and some I just added a solo. But there is something new in all of these songs you will find. All of these songs have a deep personal meaning to me. Oh yes, it also features some of the greatest singers… EVER!”

‘JK Northrup & Friends: A Collection Of Duets & Ballads’. track listing:
01. The Moment (vocals by David Cagle)
02. Sin (vocals by Jani Lane)
03. Promises To God (vocals by David Cagle and Fergie Fredriksen)
04. Stayin’ Alive (vocals by Kip Winger)
05. So Long (vocals by Terry Ilous)
06. Like A Stone (vocals by Paul Shortino)
07. Honeymoon (vocals by David Cagle, keyboards by Eric Ragno)
08. Under Construction (vocals by Eric Dover, guest guitar solo by Mark Kendall, keyboards by Eric Ragno)
09. The Road (vocals by Terry Ilous, drums by DanZoid, keybords by Michael T. Ross)
10. If I Were James Taylor (I Could Finish This Song) (vocals by Ted Poley)
11. Forgotten Child (vocals by Paul Shortino and Bobby Kimball)
12. Sandbox (vocals by David Cagle)

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