How To Be A Glam Metal Vocalist


  1. Oh Metallica is gonna *hate* you

  2. Was that So Far Away? at 2:45

  3. you get beat up a lot don’t ya

  4. Where do you live? You only meet with asian people.


  6. Another misguided kid about glam era who just come out today and listen to
    these growl,blast beat,breakdown,bash away at hairmetal,call them
    lame,gay,fag whatever blasphemous about the era….man do you have any ear
    to listenable music???

  7. Lol!! I’m a big fan of glam, but this was funny. Motley Jew, wow.

  8. This is terrible ……….. I kept waiting for it to get funny…

  9. That was very helpful.

  10. “The bass is just for show.” That’s actually factual about Bon Jovi

  11. Pantera, hahahaha, “hey yo tyrique where the white bitches at.” lol. The
    Viking metal part hahahaha.

  12. It’s funny, but not in the way he thinks or intended it to be.

  13. 6:58-7:07
    Modern Music in a nutshell.

  14. You are talking about Glam with a Maiden shirt on…Heretic!

  15. “People have been telling me that I look like Joey Belladona” LOLOLOL You
    funny fucker you LOL

  16. Make a how to be a power metal vocalist

  17. it would be awesome if on christmas they released a really short thing
    called “How To Be A Christmas Vocalist” and it was just a picture of mariah

  18. Make “How to be a pirate metal vocalist” or “How to be a folk metal

  19. I want to believe that was real coke please make it so!

  20. really bro So Far Away by a7x

  21. How about next video you don’t just go around a shopping centre

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