Heaviest Glam Metal Bands (Part 2)


  1. wow they all look totally effeminately gay. But I was there and I still say
    they all sound great. Awesome music even if, looking back now, they look
    absolutely ridiculous. What were they thinking, or were they thinking lol.
    Were they high. Well they all were all high in those days. The music still
    kicks ass

  2. But I see what you did there though..

  3. Glamtera? You mean Pantera?

  4. heavy glam metal go tell that to Immolation yeah right

  5. I think I’ve never heard anything worse than “Heavy Metal Shuffle”.

  6. No that’s Burnnn from “Power Metal”, Pantera’s first album with Phil
    Anselmo. They already had three before more glam oriented, however this
    one, although retaining some glam touches, was more a classic heavy/power
    metal album!

  7. I love PanterA’s glam era! awesome list/video. 🙂 m/

  8. It’s MORE annoying when they say HAIR metal.AS if Madonna or the cure
    didn’t have big fucking hair.EVERYONE DID!!!Look at some of the pictures of
    Testament or early Slayer.AND even though Motley wore spandex(Iron
    Maiden)and lace,Slayer wore studs and leather. Last i checked that’s what
    Rob Halford wore.Does that mean slayer is gay??? Slayer wore eye liner.And
    Turbo isn’t any less metal/heavy than stained class or point of entry. Or,
    MOST of screaming for vengeance. (My personal favorite.)

  9. SO, A spell check on Halford, and Motorhead But, not on Jay-Z ???

  10. ‘Glamtera’ ? Is that pantera’s early pre-anslemo era ??

  11. X Japan Kurenai is also awesome

  12. I’d rather listen to the songs on this video than to listen to watered down
    ones such as T Be With You,Unskinny Bop,Turn Up The Radio,and a few others
    that should’ve never gone into crossovers.

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