Hair Bands Versus Grunge Bands

Hair Bands Versus Grunge Bands
Hey Rock Fans! This was a super fun article to research. But let me apologize up front to any hard core grunge music fans. Sorry, but grunge just doesn’t appear to have the staying power that hair metal bands generated. Here’s what I found:

Hair Metal was a faddism. Even its most devoted fans couldn’t have ever thought the genre to continue in the mainstream, chart-topping status it had held in the 80?’s.

We all know that a high amount of of anything is often bad, and man was that true of LA hair bands. But hair band rock and roll was so recognized with and a part of the 80’s that even the biggest and best of them weren’t able to make the grade into 90’s music.

But we are in 2011 now, these two decades are past and even a third decade is now history. So who will stand the test of time. Hair metal vs grunge Rock! It’s the musical war of the century and it’s being fought in the arena of retro music. Perhaps the answer will be found simply by looking at the concert calendar of any municipality in the world.

If we do this, we’ll see that hair metal reigns supreme. And the simple truth of the matter is that hair metal performers were much, much more intense musicians. It was the decade of guitar heroes and legends. Grunge was a more elementary and primal form of composition. Grunge music seemed to skip across The top part of the mass market, like a rock skipping on water. And then, like that rock, it sank.

I don’t want to get too deep into it, but just look at song sales and touring dates of bands. The evidence is everywhere and it’s just plain obvious that people like hair metal (despite the spandex and aqua-net) more than they like grunge. Maybe in the future, grunge will become palatable again and rear its head in the scene. But for now, it’s a little to lack-luster for an audience that has musical prodigies and masterful production pouring entertainment into their ears on an hourly basis.

CJ Pennington. I am a freelance writer and web research enthusiast. It was a blast researching this article. To learn more about the current retro rock scene and what hair metal bands are currently touring, you can visit concert promoter websites like, a Denver Concert production company.

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