Guitar Tricks 176: 80s Hair Metal Chords


  1. OHhhh yeah 80’s hair metal/hard rock/aor the best

  2. Nirvana killed the Hair Band! Then Cobain couldn’t live with his self

  3. but can you play hair metal without hair?

  4. How are you getting such beautiful distorted chord sounds? Is it the
    distortion pedal you are using, or is there a trick to it?

  5. get a little high end voice rasp when u say metal ok

  6. Dude! This whole video is absolutely awesome… LOVE IT
    Thanks for the tip of the week. I cought Satchel’s (Steel Panther) Pic on a
    live show and I want it always to be with me without drilling a hole in it.
    You got the solution;)
    Your chords are great too! Could you please show us more 80s chords/licks n

  7. ty very cool and great teacher

  8. Thanks my Icelandic guitar-slinging brother!

  9. Great Lesson!!!! Love the 80’s Metal!

  10. The two main chords in the song Lay it down with RAT

  11. Those were REALLY good times, I miss guitar being the focus. There’s a lot
    of great new players out there too though, you just have to look for them
    now. Before they were in your face. Late 80s on the Sunset Strip was cool,
    wish I could’ve caught the earlier Van Halen days there for sure.

  12. Getting a Ronni Le Tekroe of TNT feel from this 🙂 if you’ve ever heard
    him. he makes great riffs

  13. good guitar patch cords,proper grounding of the amp(do not remove the third
    ground from your power cords (that plug in the wall,lol)try different
    outlets,shield your pickup cavity(copper foil) there’s a few.

  14. There’s a few other chords that could help in writing hair metal stuff. The
    typical Dmaj inversion triad that a lot of the times in alternated with
    Gmaj triad inversion. This is used a lot in hair metal as well as Van Halen
    and 70s rock. Basically you barre the D, G and B strings at the 7th fret
    for the Dmaj triad and you can hammer on at the 8th fret on the B string
    and the 9th fret on the D string to get the Gmaj triad. One last thing…

  15. give a tip on reducing the buzzing sound from the amp.

  16. …you can also do this with any power chord. What you do is, let’s go with
    D5 on the A and D strings at the 5th fret. You can alternate between D5 and
    using the C# note at the 4th fret with the 7th fret A note on the D string.
    Just to give you an idea if you have no clue what I am trying to explain,
    check out Ace Frehley’s Rock Soldiers.

  17. Brilliant as always Neal. Do you have any of your own tuition DVD’s?

  18. 80’s head for a teen this music rocks vs the shit that is new and big like
    pop and rap

  19. what pickups are does this lady have?

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