Guest musicians to appear on the upcoming Lipstick album

LipstickLipstick‘s frontman Greg Troyan has revealed the extensive list of special guest musicians that will be appearing on the glam rock band’s upcoming sophomore album Lipstick II:

Former guest Lipstick guitarists:
Billy Morris (Lipstick, Warrant, Quiet Riot, Tuff) – guitar
Eric Penticoff (Lipstick, The Stoves) – guitar
Chase McCutcheon (Lipstick, Trigger Digit) – guitar
Chris Lambrick (Lipstick) – guitar
Corey Linden (Lipstick, Roxy Mae) – guitar

Other guest musicians:
Igz Kincaid (Hessler)- guitar
Phil Shouse (Rodney Atkins, John Corabi) – guitar
Tom Pappas (Superdrag) – guitar
Steven Edwards (Blue Matches) – guitar
Dougie Lixx – guitar
Josh Dent (Fable Cry) – cello
Greg Loyacano (Regdar and the Fighters) – drums
Amanda Dobra Hope – vocals
Morgan Bosman – vocals
Kyle Hebert (Dragonball Z) – vocals
Jace McLain (Nuclear Bubble Wrap) – keyboards

Greg Troyan stated: “This album features every live guitarist Lipstick has ever had, except for one. Even when people leave Lipstick, for personal reasons or for other artistic pursuits, they’re still part of the family. They still come to jam on albums and still come to do shows with us, and it’s great that we can still create great music as friends. We’ve also got cool guests from friends of mine who have never played with Lipstick, but were still kind enough to lend their talents.

There are so many great guests appearing on this album, and I’m truly humbled that all of these people want to share in helping me achieve my dreams. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to all of them. And to the fans, the people anticipating this album, let me tell you this: It’s going to rock. You will not want to miss this.”

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