Glitzy Glow "Strike The Right Note" In Latest Single/Video

Glitzy Glow “Strike The Right Note” In Latest Single/Video

July 14, 2014

Swedish based rockers Glitzy Glow have released a video for their new single “Strike The Right Note’. The song will be featured on the band’s upcoming full-length debut, slated for an August release through Independent Ear, Inc.

“I expect for this single and album to solidify Glitzy Glow as a timeless band,” says Independent Ear CEO and founder Phillip Ryan Block. “Whether it’s 1984 or 2014 this glam metal still rocks hard. I am looking forward to Glitzy Glow taking the world by storm and I feel that this album will create a permanent place for them in the metal world.”

Glitzy Glow vocalist Julia’s deep and penetrating low-register vocals have become a (welcome) staple for their listeners, not to mention efficient guitar work — and eye shadow, lots of eye shadow. However, their look and sound is a calculated accurate nod to glam metal days gone by, yet they are technically savvy enough to have propelled the genre into the new age. One listen is all it takes.

Glitzy Glow was formed in 2006 by vocalist Julia and bassist Johnny Roxxy. The band have been a part of the ‘New Wave Of Swedish Sleaze’ scene alonside recording artists like Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx, Crucified Barbara, Sister, Hardcore Superstar, Loud N’ Nasty, XXX, Chris Laney, Bai Bang, Gemini Five, Innocent Rosie and Bonafide.

In 2010 Glitzy Glow released their debut EP ‘Welcome To This Glow’, recorded and produced by Magnus Sedenberg (Spawn Of Possession, The Bones, Crucified Barbara, Visceral Bleeding, Bullet). The song “Black And Sunny Day” was featured in a sample CD that came with Powerplay Magazine Issue 99 and the band also participated in the Fireworks Magazine CD ‘Cats N’ Claws’.

In 2011 Glitzy Glow signed a sponsor contract with the beverage company Goodnight Drink for one year and released their song “Black And Sunny Day” for the video game Rock Band 3 on X-Box 360 worldwide. Glitzy Glow have played at venues together with Swedish artists such as Mustasch, Innocent Rosie and Plector, and have headlined a dozen venues.

Glitzy Glow’s four members are bassist Johnny Roxxy, vocalist Julia, guitarist Wingz, and drummer Daniel Jackzin.

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