Glam Metal Vs Thrash Metal (round 1)


  1. wasp is not glam metal you idiot. They are Heavy Metal with Shock. Got way
    fuckin More balls than Crue and other Metal bands

  2. Ah, come on, I’m a thrasher, but I have to say that glam metal bands such
    as Ratt, Quiet Riot and Motley Crue have some nice songs (lirycs may suck,
    but music is good). Yeah, they look hilarious and yeah, they aren’t as
    technical as thrashers, but for fuck’s sake, stop this war of 2 classic
    metal genres.

  3. Comparing them, is like comparing grand tourer cars to race cars: they are
    both fast but in a whole different way.

    I like both for most part. Both types of metal produced some of the
    greatest musicians (not in the least guitarists) the world had ever seen.
    Warren DeMartini and CC Deville are as far competence goes, in the same
    league as Kirk Hammett and Dave Mustaine.
    In the end their demise was for simular reasons: too many bands doing the
    same over and over again.

    I liked the grunge movement as well, but unfortunatly it never was the fun
    you could have with hair and speed in the 80s. 

  4. Why does he keep picking crappy songs for thrash?!


  6. as much as i want to hate glam metal and i kind of like it

  7. As the almighty Dave Mustaine said “GLAM stands for Gay LA Metal”

  8. definitely glam. Love ICON, though I don’t think they are glam, lol))

  9. Back then Glam and Thrash were two opposing sides, I’m a thrasher but i
    also enjoy glam. Now we all must unite as metalheads, Because the enemy is
    now the mainstream pop music.

  10. Glam wins .. better songs and girls actually showed up to glam shows.
    Thrash shows were always a sausage fest with greasy guys who couldn’t get
    chicks calling glam guys gay. Some thrash is good but I never understood
    the terrible attitude many like Exodus had. Wanting to physically harm
    other people who didn’t conform to their greasy womanless lifestyle for
    instance. Always a hoot to have a guy who hasn’t seen vagina since the day
    he was born calling a guy with 3 girls around him a “fag”.

  11. glam sucks, thrash till death!

  12. THRASH

    Glam is for sexy and FAGGOT with bullshit make-up!!

  13. metalllica? / KREATOR is thrash lml

  14. The Ratt song has some Thrash characteristics, but it’s definitely glam.

  15. seduce heavy metal 😛 

  16. Man I miss Glam, that was so much fun back in the day. The shows were the
    best, Live Glam, still is better than most other metal live, except maybe
    black metal.

  17. First era of glam metal (1981-1985) was the best era of this movement,
    bands like Motley Crue and W.A.S.P. were more Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock at
    this time. Then came bands like Poison, Cinderella, Tesla, Bon Jovi,
    Firehouse, they had a very pop sound, just compare Blackie Lawess with Bret
    Michaels, there’s a huge difference.

  18. I like Thrash Bands, Thrash Metal are more violent loud blast
    beats,aggression and heavier than Glam Bands..But i like both side, and i
    hate pop, hip-hop,reggae and fucking emo bands.Hehe..

  19. you chose bad, the bands of thrash………i will choice to slayer, sodom,
    kreator and metallica (but in the kill em all)

  20. all i have to say is that yes back in 80’s you had trash rockers and glam
    rock rockers.
    but today i listen to both because it was all part of long hair 80’s metal
    all i will say i rather listen to ratt than anything else thats today out
    there i dont care if its trash or not. If it was back in 80’s metal i will

  21. Ok, the Thrashers are the perfect sound amazing. The Glam bands just sound
    shit, have no attitude, and look ridiculous even though they are famous for
    their looks. Thrash metal is the Winner with 100% of the vote

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