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Glam Metal Hair Tutorial w/ Daniella Pineda

Look TV makeup artist & hairstylist Jozie used to go on the road with bands like Mötley Crüe, Jane’s Addiction & Motörhead. Watch her glam up Daniella Pineda…

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Glam Metal Hair Tutorial w/ Daniella Pineda”

  1. CurtisAlfeld says:


  2. Sensations Salon & Spa says:

    How Many of you all remember this?

  3. Krystal Raye says:

    fudge i wanna live in those days i mean i would wanna try to bring that to
    my school haha and im diggin it..

  4. Karina Gaertner Falcão says:

    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. joZie loVeStar says:


  6. Sensations Salon & Spa says:


  7. Undoll Ampatuan says:

    its her thing. stop complaining. its insulting. ugh.

  8. Sensations Salon & Spa says:

    Get back to the 80s!

    Glam Metal Hair Tutorial w/ Daniella Pineda

  9. causeandaffection says:

    It’s 2013. Get with the program. Swearing is barely a defining aspect of
    what makes someone “classy”.

  10. Maram Khairy says:

    you are gonna need a hardcore …. shower.

  11. Tawny Lee says:

    killed it jozaaaay dayyyyy woooh!

  12. szkcs says:

    janes addiction isn’t even glam and it sucks 🙂

  13. chobyboys says:

    can you make a tutorial for man make up

  14. Isabella Christenson says:


  15. DallianceAccessories says:

    Holllaaaa!!! Saw you on the vampire diaries!!! Hell yes!!

  16. alis stonem says:

    Glam it`s back <3

  17. Led zeppfan says:

    We need tutorials for men 😀

  18. acdcmanozzy says:

    girls shouldnt cuss its not classy

  19. Chris Edwards says:

    sophie devaeux

  20. Hailey OBrien says:

    What is Jozie’s last name? I gotta look her up

  21. Katarzyna Zagorska says:

    That cute

  22. fuuuuuuuism says:

    bless you for calling it a corn row <3

  23. joZie loVeStar says:

    i actually didn’t do Motorhead’s makeup, just toured with them & love them!

  24. Alex SkyCoffee says:

    Can you make a heavy metal hair tutorial? 😀

  25. joZie loVeStar says:

    Lovestar or Di Maria :}

  26. Adam Fokt says:

    And where is Motley Crue?

  27. Isa Kronos says:

    not glam

  28. Afonso Ribeiro says:

    A fine list, may I add. I would have added Turn Up the Radio, by Autograph.
    But hey, it’s your list. Great job.

  29. fbrikman says:

    you are forgetting cinderella, bad english don’t play glam metal

  30. Phaellos says:

    glam means good! and actually there’s nothing glam in the riff’s and the
    music, it’s pure hard rock but some mtv or some shit created the term glam
    metal around these bands by the way they looked at the time, mtv is gay not
    this great music

  31. miguelangel capote says:

    @beatles19621 coño mi pana desde Venezuela te digo pajuo que claro que si,
    Alice es uno de los pilares fundamentales del glam al igual que mi compadre
    David B. se puede decir analizando bien la musica de KISS en sus primeros
    trabajos que es un rock and roll muy bien elaborado o sea rock and roll
    evolucionado, enmarcado en un contexto visual muy glam

  32. Irving Ochoa says:

    Creo que te falto poner la mejor banda de glam metal y la mejor cancion
    “Kickstart My Heart”

  33. Draconian Guise says:

    Every band that was around in the 60s/70s/80s could be classed as “Classic
    Rock” NOW but at the time they were still new so they weren’t known as
    “Classic”. lol

  34. PerlaNazhtinka says:

    oigan ya no suban fotos por que kevin nada más les anda copiando

  35. Sebastian Michaelis says:

    no that would be either Alice, Kiss or new york dolls

  36. bobbydee30g says:

    smooth up in ya…..?

  37. TheMsiaddict says:

    I think number 10 is power ballad.

  38. Nicolas Arce says:

    glam doesnt mean bad…

  39. kjartan linde says:

    how could you mispell Mötley Crüe?

  40. ratonacula1 says:

    sos un asesino de la música !!! kiss? best jobs de the quireboys es mejor!!
    qué pasó con motley? girls, girls girls ? europe? puff

  41. miguelangel capote says:

    @beatles19621 bueno tienes razon detodos modos yo no los catalogue, cuando
    yo compre mi primera revista rock por alla en el año 1975 me encontre con
    este termino nuevo para mi (glam) y hablaban de estos panas como
    pertenecientes a ese movimiento, que en algunos grupos fue como simple
    moda, en otros no como por ejemplo Brian Connoly quien se ve en un video ya
    evidentemente enfermo usando su mismo corte de `pelo. Mi comentario de rock
    and roll con respecto a KISS es porque

  42. muki john szucs says:

    cant you see “my” on his video tittle??? a lil bit appreciate could make
    him happy. its better to see young shit like em (if ya thing he is just a
    kid) listen to these song

  43. TheKaigee says:

    Chaine people Chained …. The ’80 s rock/metal band is coming back ……

  44. longychimongy says:

    aguante el heavy metal, el glam es pura mierda de putos

  45. Triangulove says:

    Well possibly, but I would still call them glam before Def Leppard since
    they have various qualities that more closely resemble that than def
    leppard did. 1-The hair of course. 2-The style of music was gritty hard
    rock, and the lyrics were sometimes about sex and drugs. 3-They are from

  46. Metal1727 says:

    Estas perdido compadre investiga mas… la mayoria de los grupos q
    colocaste en el video no pertenecen al glam…. te falta mucho….

  47. Ivo Galabov says:

    and it’s MOTLEY

  48. beatles19621 says:

    un momentooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo joderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr QUIEN COÑO TE

  49. almafuerte1986 says:

    leyes de copyright del orto

  50. Vladimir Pavic says:

    Detroit rock city wasn’t glam ………..