1. Puedes poner el nombre de las canciones ? por favor

  2. huy excelente hay bandas que yo no conocía

  3. exelenetes bandas…. los calsicos son lo mejor… bendiciones!!

  4. Glam y dios la mejor dicha avida 😀

  5. Muy buen tema !! Dios los bendiga!!!

  6. Dios Glorioso, pero mas glorioso es que estas bandas y cantantes
    permanezcan en Cristo.

  7. Muy buen trabajo, pero no encuentro la parte 1…

  8. Faltò RANSOM, y no se si alguna otra, jeje, pero exelente trabajo

  9. iron maiden arnt hair metal there heavy metal

  10. Iron Maiden isn’t Hair Metal!!!

  11. @RawrInYawrHeart Well, you’re still an asshole. I wouldn’t know what other
    people said about it because I have a life and don’t read every fucking
    comment on the page.

  12. guns n roses should be first but i concer <3 <3 hair metal is the bestno
    panters shouldnt be there lol

  13. @SaladeTY Motley Crue better than Maiden? Don’t think so!!!

  14. 1. Poison 2. White Lion 3. Warrant 4. Motley Crue 5. Extreme 6. LA Guns 7.
    Steelheart 8. Skid Row 9. Vinnie Vimcent Invasion 10. Winger could list a
    ton more and this is in no particular order

  15. Hair Metal bands was an 80’s label, so Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Foreigner,
    and Deep Purple wouldnt be in the running. But Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, White
    Snake, and RATT!! are staples in the hair metal scene. I cant name anyone
    from high school who didnt have at least one of their cassettes…lol

  16. @aniskiii you’re welcome 😀

  17. Poison isn’t glam metal they were just a horrible bubblegum rock band. And
    the other bands your mentioned I like so you’re on your own with that.

  18. @VinceTheInstructer50 I change my mind 5. Ratt 6. Poison

  19. @myshaneman Poison can be number 2 only on a worst hair bands list.

  20. Dude that was not pantera! That was believer by Ozzy

  21. haha spelled it wrong bud, but i totally agree with ya

  22. @Jamcad01 great list, i agree with you 100%

  23. @Suspect889 You could always change the video title and description, Good
    80s bands though! 😮

  24. im sorry for putting in hair metal bands, these are my favourite 80’s bands
    i fucked up, altho some of them are hair metal

  25. where is motley crue man best band of all time

  26. Still all are great bands though. Rock On!

  27. Are you fuckin’ shitting me?!? IRON MAIDEN IS NOT HAIR METAL!!! They came
    along way before hair metal ever started. They were a part of the “New Wave
    Of British Heavy Metal.” You need to recheck your genres bro.

  28. Skidrow is fucking awesome man! Sebastian had (in my opinion) the best
    voice in the 80’s. Its so fucking powerful!

  29. @myshaneman Fast Eddie played in Fastway;He formed the band together with
    the UFO bassist Pete Way,hence the name “Fastway” . Kendall was the guy
    from Great White.The White Lion guy was Vito Bratta.Both were great

  30. what the hell Motley Crue is better than this bands

  31. whats the name of the song from guns n roses ?? 1:12

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