Frehley’s Comet – Time Ain’t Runnin’ Out

Monday Mornin’
The sun wasn’t out
You were lazy
The fight was last night

It didn’t set right
I was hazy
But you were cool
Actin’ like nothin’ happened

Time ain’t runnin’ out
You hurt me for the last time
And time ain’t runnin’ out
”cause I’m leavin’

The thing with the stare
It just wasn’t fair
You rubbed it in my face

And how do I know
When I’m not around
He’s not takin’ my place

I’m done with abuse
Knowing you’ll never never admit it to me
I’m leavin’
I’m leavin’
I’m leavin’

Maybe some day
Not far away
You’ll remember this voice

Ooooooooh maybe you won’t
Maybe you can’t .
But you were given a choice
I was ever so close
But so far away

Do you remember
Do you remember
Could you remember

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