Fraidy Katt Featuring Stacey Blades Release Long Lost Demos

Fraidy Katt Featuring Stacey Blades Release Long Lost Demos

September 1, 2014

Fraidy Katt have released a ten track collection of demos called ‘Scratched’ through FNA Records. The songs were orginally recorded in the early ’90s and feature guitarist Stacey Blades who would later join Roxx Gang and L.A. Guns.

When it comes to sleaze rock and metal in Canada in the early ’90s, there were none better than Fraidy Katt. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, one of the new hard rock meccas after Hollywood, Fraidy Katt popped onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere and in no time at all were one of the biggest unsigned bands around town. With a ferocious work ethic, the band plastered every wall and lamp post around and soon had a loyal fan base of doting women; and where the women went, so did the guys!

Fraidy Katt was started by Stacey Blades, who would later go on to play for Roxx Gang and L.A. Guns. Blades met Mick Anthony in late 1989 and he saw rock star status in Mick. The two hatched a plan to snag Robbie Childs and Grant Skinner from the local band Hollywood Zoo and Cody from local punk band Personality Crisis — and Fraidy Katt was born. They played their first show in the summer of 1991 at the famed Rock-n-Roll Heaven and quickly garnered attention as the sleaziest band in the land. Record companies were taking notice of not only the band’s killer hooks and great melodies, but the legions of fans that were showing up to their live shows. The band played the circuit regularly and saved enough money to go into the studio and lay down demo tracks in both 1990 and again in 1991. These are the two demo sessions presented here on the new release entitled ‘Scratched’ now available on FnA Records.

The 1990 demo sessions comprised of five very raw and sleazy stripped down tracks: “Below The Belt”, “Cool Cruel Lady”, “No Shoulder To Cry On”, “Sweet Sweet Suzie”, and “Small Talk”. Fraidy Katt went back into the studio in 1991 and laid down some more polished demos which include: “Sex Bullies”, “Sweet Sweet Suzie”, “Cool Cruel Lady”, “No Shoulder To Cry On”, and “Shot From The Hip”. These 10 tracks are all the material that exists from Toronto’s sleaziest metal rockers. These demos will appeal to fans of Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns. “No Shoulder To Cry On” is the obligatory power ballad and is featured here in both the 1990 and 1991 versions.

Just as the band was beginning to break out of the territory — we all know the story too well — Grunge moved in overnight and swept the late ’80s and early ’90s music genre under the rug. Stacey Blades states, “Fraidy Katt was a great period in my life and I honestly think if we had launched this band in the late ’80s this band would have made it huge!”

Fraidy Katt’s ‘Scratched’ is now available for purchase and preview at

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