Former Danger Danger Frontman Releases Video With New Country Band

Former Danger Danger Frontman Releases Video With New Country Band

September 25, 2014

Former Danger Danger vocalist Paul Laine has resurfaced with a new country band called Darkhorse, releasing a video for their latest single “You Were The One (I Waited For)”. Laine is best known as Ted Poley’s replacement in Danger Danger, recording albums such as ‘Dawn’, ‘Four The Hard Way’, ‘The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves’ and ‘Cockroach’ with the hair metal band.

Anthemic, stadium sized, coming of age songs make up the unique sound of Fuel The Jet Record’s brand new band Darkhorse. Country music has never heard anything like this before, with choruses that can rival any arena rock band to musicianship from Nashville music’s elite performers. The band released their debut album ‘Let It Ride’ earlier this year.

Lead singer and frontman Paul Laine (solo artist, producer, songwriter, ex-vocalist for New York’s own Danger Danger), alongside Steve Ohe (guitars), Jason Bonnell (bass), and John Stoltz (drums), and friends from Nashville (members of Keith Urban, Rascall Flatts, and Brad Paisley’s bands), has created an instant classic for the masses.

The kick-off single, “In The Country”, shines a light on co-writers Laine and Ohe’s formative years growing up in a small town country life. ‘Let It Ride’, produced by Paul Laine and mixed by Bruno Ravel, ranges from feel-good tracks (“You Were The One”, “Heaven Tonight”), global issues (“Better Days”), emotional ballads (“Goodbye”, “Strong”, “What She Meant To Me”) and coming of age tracks (“I Wouldn’t Have Missed It For The World”, “In The Country”).

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