Extreme – More Than Words


  1. Goodnight Googies…xox

    #Extreme #morethanwords 

  2. more than words ……

  3. Extreme – More Than Words classica

  4. This song was “our song” for my first love and I. Unfortunately, she passed
    away from cancer, before we could be married, at the young age of 38. RIP
    Nancy, I will always love you…more than words… 

  5. To all my friends and family for being there for me

  6. Good morning guys and dolls 🙂 have a Great monday 

  7. why have I never heard this before!!!!?

  8. A mixed tape must!!! Wasn’t old enough to drive so talk to my gf for
    HOUR’S on the home phone. And thats after I’d just told her bye at my
    basketball practice & her cheer practice. Those days….EZ–PZ!

  9. I love this song! !!

  10. Extreme idiots 16 Extreme Idiots Compilation 16

  11. notice – not a single woman. now, which gender is smarter?

  12. the shotgun is fake, he has 3 videos of guns going off

  13. I hope they do not reproduce

  14. retards… retards everywhere… -.-

  15. Whew, hope these folks dont have or are not going to have children , to
    pass on their genes

  16. Check back Sep 2014 half these idiots will have killed themselves.

  17. these idiots have somebody above looking after them some death-defying shit

  18. lesson learned. you’re not spiderman.

  19. people really are so stupids !!

  20. “He needs a beer? Throw him a beer!” -best one

  21. The 2nd clip of the guy stabbing the toaster is fake. It was made by video
    artists with the aim of going viral.

  22. Idiots and explosions seem to go hand-in-hand for our amusement 

  23. Fuck the one with the watermelon, I think I broke myself because of the
    level or cringing lol. My hand really hurts lol

  24. the title of video is pretty acurate

  25. Hey at 1:03, that’s Airsoft Warfare!

  26. I do hope these people will kindly remove themselves from the gene pool and
    NOT reproduce…

  27. I thought thumbnail was Karl Pilkington

  28. The thing about the clip at 4:19 is that ive seen like 3 other videos of
    that same kind of video where that thing hits the person on the head at
    that same place which means there’s just some dude who looks at the footage
    on that camera every once in a while and uploads that shit to youtube lol

  29. Haha! I enjoyed 05:11 immensely! Can anyone find that clip on its own?

  30. My mom says guys like that should go and live in Africa in a war ridden
    country for a while and then they might learn to appreciate their happy,
    peaceful,healthy life. I simply think they are extreme idiots…

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