Every Mother’s Nightmare Members Appear On Justin Heat Compilation

Every Mother’s Nightmare Members Appear On Justin Heat Compilation

October 6, 2014

Justin Heat have released a nineteen song compilation entitled ‘Naughty, But Nice’ through FNA Records, featuring members of Every Mother’ Nightmare.

Justin Heat was formed in Tennessee when Hard Knox bassist Don Murray teamed up with local rocker Mark West in 1986. One of the interesting things about the ‘Naughty, But Nice’ release is that it features three different singers, who came from three different incarnations of the band. Most notable, Rick Ruhl, who would later go on to form Every Mother’s Nightmare, sings on five of the tracks. Gene Hadley, from Hard Knox, sings on two of the songs and Robert Leath performs on the rest. Drummer Jim Phipps, who also went on to be in Every Mother’s Nightmare, plays drums on the majority of these songs.

Justin Heat were definitely one of the hometown heroes who were just a smidgeon away from getting signed by a major label. ‘Naughty, But Nice’ features nineteen songs recorded prior to the band’s break-up in 1990 — including three live tracks, an alternate take of “Just In Heat”, and an instrumental track.

‘Naughty, But Nice’ can now be purchased and previewed at fnarecords.net.

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