Dirty Passion Set To Release Third Album In Early 2015

Dirty Passion Set To Release Third Album In Early 2015

December 2, 2014

Swedish rockers Dirty Passion are set to release their third record on February 22nd, 2015. The new self-titled release follows 2012’s ‘In Wonderland’ and 2010’s ‘Different Tomorrow’.

Guitarist Chrisse, bassist Nasty, lead vocalist Kriss and drummer Mike are excited to be releasing the band’s rawest record to date. Bassist Nasty told Sleaze Roxx, “The name says it all, this IS Dirty Passion plain and simple. We wanted to do an album that defines us, our musical tastes and direction much closer then it has in the past. We basically wanted to record the live experience as opposed to something overproduced.”

In terms of the new record’s release date, which is still almost three months away, Nasty pointed out that “It was very much intentional. As we felt early on that this will be the best we’ve done and the closest we’ve ever gotten to making the “perfect” album, we decided to involve some high profile people to work with us. This meant we had to plan in conjunction with very busy people and so the timetable was intentionally very loose from the start. We simply didn’t want to feel pressure to deliver an album to the label before we got it to sound the way we want it to.”

Nasty also commented on the recording process, “The actual recording took about three weeks. To keep our natural organic sound, we decided to only use two studios this time. It saved us a lot of time since we could all be close by and ready to get in the studio if whoever was recording wasn’t feeling the groove that particular day.”

As with all recording experiences, unexpected situations do occur and the recording of Dirty Passion’s new self-titled record was no exception. Nasty shared the following with Sleaze Roxx, “There is one incident that stands out. It happened about two weeks into the recording. One evening while in the studio, our regular booze delivery guy calls and asks if he can drop off our cases of beer and vodka early since he had to be somewhere the next day. We usually order a six month supply in one go. None of us felt like going back to Dirty Passion’s headquarters to open up and unload it all so we told him to come to the studio with it. We unload it, stacked it and got on with the drinking of it. However, someone had the bright idea of posting a picture of the impressive pile of alcohol on our Facebook page along with our location, the studio! It didn’t take twenty minutes before the first few thirsty fuckers showed up. Fine, we don’t mind a few friends over. But they just kept coming! Pretty soon, the studio was full of people just hanging, drinking and partying. We tried to stay professional in between the vodka shots, the loud music, the topless girls running in the halls, the sweaty guys hoovering lines on the mixing consol and the table filled from end to end with shots. Somehow, we got sucked into the party. In all fairness, it didn’t take much encouragement since we had been locked up in the studio for far too long without a break at that point. We just kept ordering in more supplies and kept it going till the next evening. It was a great party! A bit costly though — we spent roughly one quarter of our recording budget on it…”

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