Dare – Blood From Stone (Full Album)

“Blood From Stone” was the 2nd album from UK-based band Dare, released in 1991. Dare was put together by keyboardist/vocalist Darren Wharton of Thin Lizzy fame and also featured guitarist Vinny Burns before he joined Ten. This is considering as Dare’s strongest release. A heavier sound with anthemic choruses and amazing guitar work! Darren Wharton sings his heart out in this one while Vinny Burns delivers some amazing solos!

Track Listing
1. Wings Of Fire 00:00
2. We Don’t Need A Reason 05:00
3. Surrender 08:38
4. Chains 12:18
5. Lies 16:21
6. Live To Fight Another Day 21:03
7. Cry Wolf 24:58
8. Break Out 29:04
9. Wild Heart 33:13
10. Real Love 37:02

Darren Wharton : Vocals
Vinny Burns : Guitars
Brian Cox : Keyboards
Nigel Clutterbuck : Bass
Greg Morgan : Drums

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