Coney Hatch Frontman To Release Autobiography Early Next Year

Coney Hatch Frontman To Release Autobiography Early Next Year

October 15, 2014

Coney Hatch frontman Carl Dixon will release an autobiography entitled ‘Strange Way To Live’ in January 2015 through Dundurn.

Carl Dixon’s journey through the twists and turns of a music performer’s life began in Northern Ontario, where his boyhood dreams, shaped by the 1960s, collided with a new musical culture.

Though Dixon’s road was rocky, it was still paved with gold. It has led from his early days with hard-rockers Coney Hatch to tours and lasting friendships with huge acts like Iron Maiden. The ups and downs were meteoric, as Dixon became a member of the legendary bands The Guess Who and April Wine and then faced the greatest test of all: a horrific auto collision in Australia that left him in a coma, barely clinging to life.

‘Strange Way To Live’ follows Dixon’s progress, never-faltering and sometimes comical, in pursuit of musical glory. Blind determination can lead one to some strange places. Dixon’s took him through some of the biggest, smallest, and weirdest scenes in this vast country, and from the glory days of Canadian rock up to the present day.

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