CASSETTE COMMUNITY VIDEO #2 (7/6/2012) Rare Hard Rock/Glam/Metal/Punk (VINYL COMMUNITY)


  1. That Pantera cassette made an appearance in a cassette video I made a while
    back. I couldn’t see yours very well as I’m watching on my phone. I show
    some reel to reel type cassettes in the video too. I’ve been looking for a
    copy of that Starz album too. Love the cheezy stage banter they have.

  2. i know….i was floored when i found it…..i missed a Nak cd player from
    the same guy for $10.

  3. Cool stuff and thanks for showing them!

  4. Killer stuff as usual! Can’t wait to see what you find out on the road.
    Have a safe trip.

  5. Big men and heat don’t go well together. I know what it’s like. 5 weeks of
    100+ degrees when I visited the south east of The USA last year. Over here
    we are complaining about the shitty weather.

  6. amen brother!!! I sweat in the winter!!!! i’m hot blooded!!!!

  7. LOL this new phone has me posting from my other YT channel. Switching back
    to the punktexas channel … LOL. One too many beers tonight. Cheers.

  8. Oh, If you can find me the first one man army ep called ‘shooting
    blanks’….please buy it.

  9. Cool collection.Ever heard of Willow Wisp from Hollywood?

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