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CASSETTE COMMUNITY VIDEO #2 (7/6/2012) Rare Hard Rock/Glam/Metal/Punk (VINYL COMMUNITY)

CASSETTE COMMUNITY VIDEO #2 (7/6/2012) Rare Hard Rock/Glam/Metal/Punk (VINYL COMMUNITY)

cassette community video #2 LAST DAYS HERE DOCUMENTARY: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1723126/

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13 Responses to “CASSETTE COMMUNITY VIDEO #2 (7/6/2012) Rare Hard Rock/Glam/Metal/Punk (VINYL COMMUNITY)”

  1. TheVinylCommunity says:

    That Pantera cassette made an appearance in a cassette video I made a while
    back. I couldn’t see yours very well as I’m watching on my phone. I show
    some reel to reel type cassettes in the video too. I’ve been looking for a
    copy of that Starz album too. Love the cheezy stage banter they have.

  2. George Wildheart says:

    i know….i was floored when i found it…..i missed a Nak cd player from
    the same guy for $10.

  3. LongLostLPMan says:

    Cool stuff and thanks for showing them!

  4. MetalRemainsInsane says:

    Nice cassettes!

  5. ELPEEter1978 says:

    Great stack of tapes btw!

  6. greeno22 says:

    Killer stuff as usual! Can’t wait to see what you find out on the road.
    Have a safe trip.

  7. ELPEEter1978 says:

    Big men and heat don’t go well together. I know what it’s like. 5 weeks of
    100+ degrees when I visited the south east of The USA last year. Over here
    we are complaining about the shitty weather.

  8. George Wildheart says:

    amen brother!!! I sweat in the winter!!!! i’m hot blooded!!!!

  9. TheVinylCommunity says:

    LOL this new phone has me posting from my other YT channel. Switching back
    to the punktexas channel … LOL. One too many beers tonight. Cheers.

  10. George Wildheart says:

    cd or lp?

  11. ELPEEter1978 says:

    Oh, If you can find me the first one man army ep called ‘shooting
    blanks’….please buy it.

  12. tfcorpse says:

    Cool collection.Ever heard of Willow Wisp from Hollywood?

  13. George Wildheart says:



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