CASSETTE COMMUNITY VIDEO #1 (6/14/2012) Rare Hard Rock/Glam/Metal (VINYL COMMUNITY)

CASSETTE COMMUNITY VIDEO #1 (6/14/2012) Rare Hard Rock/Glam/Metal (VINYL COMMUNITY)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lars Ulrich, like, talks about an incident were he like, yelled at Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee in 1982. Also featured is Stephen P from RATT, who like, talks ab…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Awesome George! I made a cassette vid a couple weeks back after seeing
    Pudsi’s as well and @Greeno let me know you had put one up as well. Love
    both of those guys and glad to see you jumped in the cassette pool! I have,
    I’d guess, somewhere between 700-1,000 cassettes, almost exclusively metal,
    but mostly mainstream. Some nice rarities there, mainstream or not it’s a
    fun departure from vinyl and it’s all music in the end. Def planning to
    show more, you should too! – Lj

  2. Have you heard of a band called Heavy Pettin’? One of the last NWOBHM bands
    to emerge, I have their debut album its great

  3. Fantastic stuff!!!!! Lots of local releases, very cool. I just won a copy
    of that Dirty Looks album on eBay. Already have a copy but the one on eBay
    was so cheap I had to grab it. So more of your cassettes brother!! I’ll
    show more but like I said I don’t have many.

  4. Heavy Pettin’ is killer!!!!

  5. thanks…….i will check out your vids for sure!!!!

  6. fuck Metallica! Megadeth are way better!

  7. I still feel that way about glam. Fuck motley and fuck glam. 

  8. Time to start an argument
    Metallica way ahead of everyone? Apparently he forgot who fuckin Slayer is

  9. “so there wasn’t a contest there” you fucking ran Lars you pussy so how
    could there be any contest Glam rules over shitty noise. Before all you
    Anthrax,Metallica,Megadeth and the best thrash metal band of all time VENOM
    start hating if we all liked the same shit them wed be nothing but sheep
    BAAA all singing and dancing to Kylie, Rhianna or Britney so for once lets
    all stand together as one against mass produced commercial shite that we
    all know we hate even more than you hate glam and we hate thrash.

  10. motley crue are 10x better than metallica, thrash is nothing but noise. but
    then again i respect some thrash bands, well some anyway. metallica are
    shit face it.

  11. Compare Motley Crue, Ratt and Winger to Pitbull, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, etc.
    Enough said. Don’t complain about commercial metal. The commercial shit of
    today is a billion times worse. At least people required some ability to
    sing, play guitar, drums, etc. when it came to glam metal. In modern
    commercial music, hip hop/EDM crap, all you need is a shitty meaningless
    bunch of words (as long as they are catchy) and a simple hip house beat
    produced by some random person who usually goes uncredited. You would give
    your left nut to hear Motley Crue on commercial radio again and you know

  12. Cliff Burton would be rolling over in his fucking grave he knew what

  13. I am not fan of Motley Cru, but they have some kick ass HEAVY metal songs,
    not Glam. Listen to Kickstart my heart and Shout at the devil and try
    saying that is glam.

  14. +John Scott you should see this

  15. Lars, you’re lucky Nikki didn’t catch your scrawny ass too.

  16. @spookykid94 …. Do your homework. Metallica came on to the scene well
    before Slayer. After Metallica gave Dave Mustaine the boot, Kerry King was
    in Megadeth for a few moments. Slayer definitely made their point but not
    before Metallica

  17. Oh the irony, Metallica ended up touring with Guns and Posers. 

  18. For all those who trash Motley Crue for being gay LA metal, who lived a
    more metal lifestyle, Motley Crue or Metallica? Crue were what they
    protrayed, Metallica were a bunch of poseurs.

  19. yeah fuck motley crue shit is nothing but bad hair and make up fuck em

  20. glam was before thrash , so therefore the real posers are thrash. Anyhow I
    like both genres.

  21. This just shows why I dislike Metallica even more. Ratt and Motley Crue are
    great bands. Just because they aren’t as good as Iron Maiden doesn’t mean
    you have to be dicks about it. Metallica isn’t even 1/1000000000000 as good
    as Iron Maiden and you don’t see Maiden talking shit about them and saying
    “We aren’t going to play with those posers” Look at Metallica’s latest
    albums including St Anger… I’m pretty sure they have turned into the
    posers… Just saying.

  22. Fuck glam and fuck you if you like it

  23. Nikki Sixx would have beat the shit out of Lars what a pussy for running

  24. Lars youre fuckin pussy,FUCK METALLICA

  25. Theres only one band MÖTLEY CRUE!!!!!!

  26. “Herp a derp I’m so hardcore bitching about these pussies! They’re posers
    Derp derp” So why did you run away from them Lars you’re the pussy my

  27. I don’t get why there’s been this forced rivalry between the bands.
    Obviously there will be some friendly competition, just like with all
    artists, but why did there have to be this hostility? That’s one of the
    reasons I’m partial to the glam metal scene, they didn’t start the fight.
    Heck, Bret Michaels even said back in the 80’s that it was good to have
    Metallica so fans would have an alternative if they didn’t like glam.

  28. Ulrich and the rest of Metallica turned out to be the biggest fraud show
    ever after Burton died. They are worse than posers.

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