Best Hair Metal Love Ballads Ever (4-hour megamix)

A four-hour mix of all the greatest 80s hair metal power ballads, for those quiet nights when you just wanna make slow sweet love to your favourite person in…

This is a great clip about how hair metal cheesed out and whored to the label weasels for the almighty $ $ . Just as happened next with country, and then the T…


  1. I received an email from a lawyer threatening me with a “$2,000,000 fine
    and/or ten years in jail” if I didn’t take the Iron Maiden Guitar Solo
    megamix down. I took it down. Better to be safe, I guess.

    Bankers can steal billions from the US taxpayer, but if you and me share a
    song or two on YouTube we get the book thrown at us. This is how the
    justice system works now.

    I guess this is how they’re dealing with people, not even going through the
    youtube copyright system anymore. This one may be suddenly pulled down too
    at some point. I just haven’t gotten the email yet.

    Just letting you all know. Up the Irons, but watch out for the goddamned

  2. 1:10:49 That is what i was waiting for. Hair Metal at it’s best

  3. 20 people have no taste in music.

  4. Thank you very very much for making this compilation!!

  5. *4 Hours of Hair Band Love Ballads*

    m/ O.O m/

    #MusicBomb #NowPlaying #GetOutYourLighters 

  6. 4 hours of 80’s Love Ballads?
    Yes please

    Best Hair Metal Love Ballads Ever (4-hour megamix)


  8. Love it! All great songs in one! Thank you ,you are awesome!!! :)

  9. good god! thank you for this, very much a life saver. 

  10. I hope youtube keep this one forever, this list is absolutely fantastic. on
    the other hand, we can quickly switch songs and it’s a great effort to put
    in for this one.. well done and thanks for sharing..

  11. Kevnar, hope this doesn’t get removed! Love it! Thanks for putting these
    awesome tracks together! My melancholy likes it!

  12. I absolutely love this music and I am only 23. I was born in the wrong
    decade that is for sure.

  13. There’s no Miles Away? :(

  14. Getting a subscribe just from this viedo whos with me?

  15. Thanks for the memories of good times , lost loves and good friends.
    Hopefully I will find a new love to share these with but until then I will
    enjoy reminiscing .thank you.

  16. This is awesome. It’s helping me write my new adult romance novel. I love
    it. Wish there was a list of all the songs playing – I forgot the names of
    some of them. ;)

  17. Good Job!!! Missed one of my favorites though I Saw Red by Warrant

  18. Thank you Kevnar, your knowledge of this genre is phenomenal. I know a few
    myself like Broken Home (check this one, their song I’m losing you) or
    Uriah Heep.

  19. That’s too bad because this is the BEST mix ever! Thank you for sharing and
    making my day more enjoyable… rock, Kevnar!

  20. Oh man I can hardly explain all the feelings that this list makes me feel
    right now ..
    Specially because I´m in love with a beautiful girl that I can´t be with..
    thanks for sharing ..

  21. best list on you-tube btw suck it you-tube

  22. i hate seeing any band being labeled a GLAM band. as if its a way to
    discredit their music a lot of times. they were great musicians and their
    music has stood the test of time. how many bands of the 90’s are still
    around ,or that anyone cares about, how many 90’s bands could actually do
    a show for a couple thousand people anywhere? 80’s good times, fun loving
    , excessive life style, is a GREAT era of music that will NEVER DIE OR GO

  23. Gimmie the Big 4 gimmie Black Sabbath, Gimmie Iron Maiden, Gimmie Pantera
    then gimmie my V and get the fuck out!

  24. lol Dee, stop pretending you were better than any of those other bands
    because Twisted Sister is as glam as they come.

  25. I don’t want to hear “talk dirty to me” at all! It’s sounds like a 12-y/o
    wrote that song.

  26. Oh, come on Dee…let’s hear your lovely version of Leader of the Pack.
    :eye roll:

  27. I love Cherry Pie though, Fucking brilliant song!

  28. the problem is that more than words is actually one of the most beautiful
    songs of all time, ill admit it even though i HATE glam.

  29. Hey Dee Snider, the image killed alot of these bands. Everyone had the same
    look…that’s why the term “hair metal” or “hair bands” came along. I will
    agree that every band started to have a ballad or 2 on their albums, but I
    cannot agree to condemn every band since most of them could play circles
    around Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister had a few songs that I liked, such as
    Stay Hungry, but image wise you and your band were doing it also just that
    you looked liked ugly trannies.

  30. I’ll agree with Dee on the whole unplugged crap. I couldn’t stand that
    garbage either, and certainly things got a little over processed, however,
    Dee isn’t one to throw stones about music quality. Metal faded away the
    same reason everything else does. The masters of the industry have to keep
    changing things to sell more stuff. Like fashion, the stuff you have to
    have now will be a WTF were we thinking photo later on only to become the
    fad again down the road. The fact that we as a population keep lapping up
    what the masters tell us to, makes me sick. The 80’s hair bands were great
    and I still can’t find anything to top it yet.

    Meanwhile most of the Pop 40 crap that hits #1 will become the “dreaded
    morning oldie, jukebox from hell” song in 10 years.

  31. These bands weren’t even metal when they were “metal.” Actual metal wasn’t
    being played on MTV, aside from Headbanger’s Ball.

  32. Dee wore just as much make up as anybody – the only bands around this time
    that were 100 % anti glam was Metallica.. 

  33. metal…all kinds…has screwed itself. As Dio said, it all got split up
    into silly lil camps, when it was all HARD ROCK. metal metal metal SCREW
    metal!!!! as Joan Jett said in her cheezy lil ditty I WANT ROCK N

  34. Oh, so this trend was a long time coming :c

  35. Metal was the best DRUG I EVER DID. You what drugs we got today KROKODIL
    and no metal on the radio. Might as well do some krokodil and end it all.

  36. R.I.P. Jani – he was a Rocker- He Liked Metal- – the death of him was he
    was a romantic. Like in the beginning of this video words stated,,i too was
    anti hair bands back in the day- Big 4 and all- I’m sad to see this,,,but
    thank you for posting

  37. Jani should’ve enjoined the group for that decision…Hey, Mr Producer, get

  38. who in the fuck wants to go to a party and hear nirvana when you can go to
    a party and hear Guns n Roses or Motley Crue….

  39. Dee Snider’s career:

    2 hit songs
    Lots of TV shit.

  40. Janie may you rest in peace, but Cherry pie extended Warrants career. Does
    any one disagree. Cherry pie or not the grim reaper named Nirvana was
    coming for all glam metals souls, and devoured them like Cherry pie. 

  41. Yeah 80s bring us a bunch of posers but also great musicians and bands
    however even worst hair bands were better musicians than 90s grunge idiots.

  42. Hey, what’s wrong with being the Cherry Pie guy?

  43. Anyone know what Documentary this is from. I want to watch it. 

  44. 90s will forever be the best decade.

  45. I loved unplugged. I also liked Cherry Pie. It was a fun song. To me
    however, Jani was never the Cherry Pie Guy. I loved Heaven, Uncle Toms
    Cabin, etc. I hate that Jani felt that way & was so hard on himself. I
    never liked Twisted Sister at all & disagree with everything Dee Snyder
    said here.

  46. Dont ever put guns and rose in with the hair bands……not fucking likely

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