Baton Rouge – Walks Like A Woman


  1. Back in the early 80’s I was asked to join this band playing keyboards. I
    turned down the position because I thought at the time they were going to
    be a short lived band. They didn’t sound any different from all the other
    hair bands at the time. I was right.

  2. Baton Rouge – Walks like a woman

  3. BIG HAIR ill never go out of style.. not in my eyes

  4. su voz es parecido a la de David Coverdale ,muy bueno

  5. AHHH! I forgot about this one! Awesome!!

  6. played in front of this band at fat jacks in cb- year ?

  7. The singer of Baton Rouge, Kelly Keeling, is a friend of my family. He’s a
    really nice guy. He still looks the same except his hair isn’t as long as
    it was in the video. He’s still singing and cutting albums and will have
    something new coming out this year. 

  8. Yep, but Corky doesn’t actually play on the song. Joe Franco did the actual
    drumming on the “Shake your soul” album.

  9. Man where can I find the tabs to the opening of this song. It’s got more
    energy than Higgs Boson in a proton beam!

  10. It wasn’t that bad. Very similar to the first. I can think of worse stuff
    from that era.

  11. The music was always awesome from that time…and the videos usually sucked
    ass and made fun of the band which was unforgivable

  12. I was born in 1998. Damn it!

  13. fans from the 80’s appreciate this

  14. loved this album. bought it when I was in the Navy when it was released.

  15. america last 90s-early 90s,0 iq

  16. I had Sirius XM to keep me entertained for my drive from TN back home to
    Maine. Pretty much bounced between Ozzy’s Boneyard, Hair Nation (where I
    heard this song after 20+ years), and Liquid Metal. Loved it.

  17. @batt42 I’ve listened to these guys for years. I never thought about
    that…too funny!!!! No the singer is not Weird Al…it is Kelly Keeling.
    Thaks for the laugh!!

  18. All ya need to say is Hot Damn!!!!

  19. …because other glam bands were all so different? Hahahaha

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