Bad Boy Eddy Releases Deluxe Version Of ‘Over The Top’

Bad Boy Eddy Releases Deluxe Version Of ‘Over The Top’

July 13, 2014

Bad Boy Eddy have released a deluxe edition of their 2012 album ‘Over The Top’, including the two new tracks “Paybacks A Bitch” and “The Chosen Ones”, through Demon Doll Records.

This CD will take you back, back to the golden days of hair metal at its peak. Everything about the music is impeccable, just check out “Rad Ruby”, “Maker Of Dreams” and “Super Sonic Freak” (to name a few). Sleaze Roxx even said about the album, “Heavier than your typical hair metal band, thanks in part to a great production job, Bad Boy Eddy offer up a few different takes on the ’80s metal scene during Over The Top. This is the type of music that is destined to ferment in the underground, and if Bad Boy Eddy sticks with the formula they could brew a fine vintage.”

It’s hard to imagine this could be written and recorded in this era. We hear a little bit of everything here, you could throw Kix, the Scorpions, Stryper, Dio, Dokken, Skid Row and many more in a blender and still not nail it any better than Bad Boy Eddy did. The boys aren’t joking when they called this record ‘Over The Top’.

The vocals, guitars, bass and drums deliver again on the two new tracks “Paybacks A Bitch” and “The Chosen Ones”. These guys have become the next can’t miss thing when new songs are written and recorded by them.

The deluxe verison of ‘Over The Top’ is available for purchase now at

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