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80s Metal Bands A to Z : Full Version – Heavy Metal Bands from the 1980s

Song List w/ Full Videos: http://bit.ly/en5Q2R — Ultimate Monster Ballads: http://bit.ly/bfjd2S — Video Description: Heavy Metal Bands, Thrash Metal Bands,…

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25 Responses to “80s Metal Bands A to Z : Full Version – Heavy Metal Bands from the 1980s”

  1. Fred Finizzi says:

    Holy shit bawls LOUDNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we wok and woll!

  2. Jack Torrance says:

    Laaz Rockit

  3. XTSY says:

    Very nice list baddi! m/

  4. DoomArchiv3s says:

    Angel Witch??? ;(

  5. Kenneth Hauck says:

    You piece of shit. I hope you fucking die for that Ted Nugent comment. Your
    obviously a young fuck who knows nothing of good music. Your an idiot. Part
    of Damn Yankees. I hope you die, just die. 

  6. TheSacredMantraBoon says:

    The words “immigration”, “tolerance” and “assimilation” are being used to
    PROMOTE a program of geNOcide against White children.

    According to International Law, open borders, FORCED integration, and
    assimilation is GENOCIDE.
    Except they don’t call it GENOCIDE when it’s done to White children.
    Then they call it “multiculturalism”
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White

  7. zeus coghlan says:

    bon jovi..? you are a poser

  8. Rafiki Libra says:

    U forgot ICON

  9. blboun12 says:

    oh cmon is Slayer realy heavy metal!?! :O

  10. Kryptik Komatose says:

    this all just sounds like hard rock not metal thats for damn sure i dint
    think this was when i grew up in it i always thought it funny that this is
    metal then i search metal bands and every other type of metal sounds like
    metal except this type so i dont know i think someone fucked up when
    assigning genre

  11. Dan Goguen says:

    “Downboys” by Warrant sounds note- for-note exactly like “Bye Bye Love” by
    The Cars.

  12. MrBuckaroonie says:

    AC-DC, Iron Maiden and Metallica. They are my top 3.

  13. Bertcoolguy2004 says:

    GNR frehleys comet Europe and Mötley crue and kiss and black sabbath are
    the best

  14. Stephen Jacobs says:

    Not a bad list but I would have mentioned a little more of the more obscure
    bands that were played on The Ball in the 80’s.There were too many bands
    that not only were on the Ball but also had heavy rotation on MTV in
    general. I would have liked it more if a lot of others were mentioned like:
    Annihilator, Shotgun Messiah, Nitro . Bon Fire. Death Angel. Slave Raider.
    King Diamond and so much more.

  15. Faustyczny Ikar says:

    Great list :)

  16. cabeludo banger says:

    my good I am without breath !!!!!!!!! awesome list …… great band I love
    all !!!!!!!!!!

  17. Keisha Johnson says:


  18. Gerard Approves says:

    Ugh thank god i didn’t grow up in the 80’s 

  19. Nolan Hoffman says:

    Call it hair,glam hard rock or thrash metal it is all good. Look at the
    stuff people have to listen to these days. Thank god for the 80’s

  20. boy kitti says:

    These bands in this videos were great in their time . I love the 80s , 90s
    when real music was played by real musicians .
    Thanks for uploading . 

  21. Ernesto Gomez says:

    SCORPIONS Big city night yeeeeaa

  22. SkagKiller99 says:

    Where’s heart ? Or autograph ? Zz top. ? 

  23. Randy Stephens says:

    that was bad ass. brought back a lot of memories for me and reminded of
    some videos I haven’t played in a longgggggggg time hehe

  24. Marcus Lopes says:


  25. Cade Worthen says:

    You forgot Y&T


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