80s Hair Metal Bands


  1. favorite 80’s hair metal bands – motley crue, cinderella, def leppard,
    warrant, skid row

    favorite 00’s hair metal bands – steel panther, reckless love, santa cruz,
    crashdiet, crazy lixx.

    and this guy just keeps making me think of dee snider with tommy lee’s make
    up lol

  2. No Ozzy reference….WTF is wrong with you ???

  3. bon jovi metal !

  4. I friggin’ LOVE the Glam Rock/Hair Metal bands and I shall explain why me
    and the many others love it –

    Yes, it’s cheesy, BUT in a good way. The lyrical content of this subgenre
    is very tongue-in-cheek, great sense of humor and just all around a great
    time. It’s not the greatest stuff of all time, it’s just there for to party
    and have a good time with. But what really sets apart from, say, the modern
    MTV glamorized pop music, is the sense of rebellion that you feel when you
    listen to them because they have this sort of “outcast” type of
    sensibility. They aren’t some assholes who are covered in and bragging
    about all their riches. No, they’re more on OUR level. It’s like, they feel
    our pain and suffering. They have been there and/or are dealing with a
    bunch of bullshit, but try to keep our heads up in the darkest of times.
    They are cheesy bands that we can, more or so, relate to because of the
    feeling of rebellion that draws you in.
    There is also much musicianship behind it all and I think that’s another
    factor of what kept them going from the early ’80s to the early ’90s to
    their resurgence in music today. It lasted a little over 10 years, faded
    into obscurity in the ’90s, but then the bands of this genre suddenly found
    a new audience in the new millenium. Hell, there’s even a new wave of
    throwback bands – Crashdiet, Vains Of Jenna, Reckless Love, etc. who are
    introducing it to them, as well. Glam Rock/Hair Metal, as cheesy as it is,
    it is LOADS OF FUN and that is what matters the most. That’s why it has
    been cemented in Rock ‘N’ Roll history, and it’s legacy will always remain.

    Let’s compare it to the glamorized pop music of today. With the feel-good
    pop music of today, the cheese factor got boosted up really high, TOO high
    at that (Like say, you can compare the hair bands to a fun movie like say,
    “George Of The Jungle”, this pop music can be compared to a
    Friedberg/Seltzer “parody movie”). One of the many reasons it pales in
    comparison is that the lyrical content is just literally the same thing
    over and over without any depth. It consists of horridly made-up slang
    terms, not to mention bad spelling, making them come off as very
    incompetent. And there’s no sense of rebellion in it, it seems more like
    conformity. Like Glam Rock/Hair Metal, it IS about living the good life,
    but…they just don’t pull you in. It’s not very relatable because not all
    of us are rich, not all of us are THAT happy-go-lucky. The way they express
    it makes them come off as these selfish assholes who think they are on top
    of the world and will continue to reign forever and ever. That is, until
    people move on to the next “cool” thing after each one of them’s 5 years of
    fame. They explode onto the scene, 5 years later – no one cares anymore,
    another 5 – nobody remembers them. It just falls flat because of the
    shallow meaning to it.

    That is my analysis of how/why Glam/Rock/Hair Metal continues to be loved
    and where modern MTV glamour fails on many levels

  5. My favorite hair metal bands are Dokken, Ratt, and Twisted Sister

  6. Such great year i born in the 77 and wuaww love the 80’s

  7. on a parting note ….. I graduated in 1988. I used to make fun of Warrant
    all the time …. now I love them. Some of the BEST song writing from the
    #1 Tesla, #2 Queensryche, #3 Dokken, #4 Warrant, #5 Y&T (awesome song

  8. haha im glad i missed out on the 80s hair metal and grew up in the 90s :P

  9. Man video games and metal this guy is a badass

  10. Ratt, Dokken, Van Halen, The Crue, WASP. My favs. 

  11. What is your opinion on Steel panther

  12. i want those wigs where did you get them.

  13. LIVE 80s Rock albums:
    1) Queensryche – operation live crime
    2) Scorpions – world wide live
    3) Judas Priest – priest ….live!

  14. If you guys haven’t heard of Reckless Love, check them out. Awesome new
    hair metal band out of Finland. Reckless Love – So Happy I Could Die

  15. Aweh man Ratt deserves to be on that list. 

  16. Holy crap i love ur hidden gems videos!!!!

  17. The guys in def leppard shure would be pissed off to be called hair

  18. Awesome video 😀 but it needs more hairspray :)

  19. a little bit of Nicolas Cage 0:05 

  20. Wasp is the only good hair band, they are so good, you could even consider
    them pure metal, beyond the hair bullshit. Dokken and Twisted Sister had
    some okay stuff, but hair metal mostly sucks. It would be better to expose
    gamers to real 80’s metal. Stuff like; Judas Priest, Iron maiden, Crimson
    GLory, Yngwie Malmsteem, Sanctuary, Fates Warning, Slayer, overkill,
    Mercyful Fate, Rainbow, Queensryche, Kreator, Destruction, Grim Reaper,
    DIo, Black Sabbath with Dio and Tony Martin, Anthrax, Megadeth, etc…. 

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