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Guitar Tricks 176: 80s Hair Metal Chords

Tabs For This Lesson Can Be Found Here: ‪http://www.guitartricks.com/channel/ ‬Click Here For Over 8000 Guitar Lessons: ‪http://www.guitartricks.com/‬ If yo…

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80s Hair Metal Bands

80s Hair Metal Bands

80s Hair Metal Bands

80s Hair Metal, Glam Rock & Pop Metal bands sure used a lot of hair spray & played a lot of widdly widdly guitar! But that’s why we loved it. The Metal Jesus…
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Best Hair Metal Love Ballads Ever (4-hour megamix)

A four-hour mix of all the greatest 80s hair metal power ballads, for those quiet nights when you just wanna make slow sweet love to your favourite person in…

This is a great clip about how hair metal cheesed out and whored to the label weasels for the almighty $ $ . Just as happened next with country, and then the T…

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